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Brit Slang: 5 English Words and Phrases That Crop Up During The World Cup Every Anglophile Should Know

After another disappointing World Cup exit for the England football team, there are now plenty of words and phrases usually so prevalent during the World Cup that will, for better or worse, not feature for the remainder of the tournament. For the most part, these are terms that … [Read More...]


Lost in the Pond Returns with 7 British Phrases For ‘Getting Upset’ Not Used In the U.S. – British Slang

There aren’t too many nations in this world that can hold a candle to the British when it comes to moaning and whining (and I say that lovingly, as a Brit myself). Whether they are standing at the back of a particularly long queue or simply lamenting the gloomy weather, the … [Read More...]


Lost in the Pond: 8 Fantastic British Christmas TV Specials for Homesick Expats

If there is one thing that the British do very well at Christmas it is television specials. Aside from watching the Queen's speech, which most Brits consider to be background entertainment, Brits tune in at Christmas to watch a a lengthier one-off version of their favorite show. … [Read More...]

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Laura’s London: Exploring the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort opened in 1996 and is a children's theme park for 2 to 12 year olds. It's only a few miles from Windsor Castle and is just 8 miles from London Heathrow Airport. As it's aimed at younger children … [Read More...]


Laura’s London: Exploring the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales

Doctor Who is the world's longest running sci-fi drama and I watched the show when I was a child. While I was often hiding behind the sofa back then I still love it so was thrilled to head to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who … [Read More...]


Exclusive Preview of the new Mary Rose Museum – Ship Brought back from the Ocean

The Mary Rose is the world's only surviving sixteenth century warship. This £35 million project reunites the hull of the Mary Rose with many of the 19,000 Tudor artefacts recovered from the seabed providing an unrivalled … [Read More...]

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History Video: History of the English Language – World War II Propaganda Film (1943)

History Video: History of the English Language – World War II Propaganda Film (1943)

History of the English Language acts as an excellent layman's introduction to the origins of one of the most common languages on the planet, demonstrating how dialect changes over time, and presenting England as being … [Read More...]


Introducing a New UK Tour Company: Britain Your Way Tours isn’t for everyone … but it might be the perfect solution for you – $100 off for Anglotopia Readers

I’m Sheila Stone and I love to travel.  I’ve done a lot of traveling independently but know there’s a downside to going it alone. For one thing, it can get lonely; there’s no one to share the experience with. For another … [Read More...]

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Anglotopia Slow TV: Take a Thames River Cruise from Wesminster To Greenwich – Full Journey in HD – 41 Minutes

There's a new trend in YouTube videos called Slow TV, where a camera is setup and then left to record a long journey. There's a popular video going around of a 9 hour train ride in Norway. Going through our archives, I … [Read More...]


Great Britons: Beatrix Potter – Everything You Need to Know About the Creator of Peter Rabbit

Key Facts about Beatrix Potter: July 28, 1866 – December 22, 1943 Author of the much loved ‘Peter Rabbit’ books Also a naturalist, mycologist and early conservationist Strongly associated with the Lake District, … [Read More...]


Brit Music: The Pet Shop Boys premiere opera based on Alan Turing’s life

Recently, the first trailer for The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch's new movie about Alan Turing was released. What Jonathan didn't mention was that The Pet Shop Boys are working on an opera about Turing called A Man … [Read More...]

Cottingley Photo No. 1
Image: Elsie Wright.

Long Read: The Cottingley Fairies – A Weird British Story of Myth and Hype With a Connection to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

My Dad and I are fans of Sherlock Holmes. We both eagerly await Series 4 of Sherlock, and my Dad once embedded the following words from Arthur Conan Doyle in all his emails: "Whenever you eliminate the impossible, whatever … [Read More...]


Guest Long Read: A Romantic Honeymoon in Wales – Conwy and the Surrounding Countryside

I’m an American married to a British expat who now lives in the US. We lived on separate continents during the first few years of our marriage, and about a year after we were married, I visited my husband in the UK and we … [Read More...]

British Childrens Books

Dispatches from England: My Kids’ Favorite British Children’s Book Authors

My family is preparing for a visit back to the U.S. this summer. I've been thinking about what to pack that will entertain my children on the long flight back. And what struck me is how different my children's tastes are in … [Read More...]


Happy Birthday Prince George! The Prince That Captivated the World Turns 1 – Here’s Two New Pictures

It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since we were all captivated by a camera pointing at a hospital door in London, waiting for the announcement of a little baby. For us it was extra special as it was just a … [Read More...]


Brit Movies: First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in new Codebreaker Biopic The Imitation Game

The first trailer has been released of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing in the upcoming biopic The Imitation Game. From the Description: The Imitation Game is a nail-biting race against time following Alan Turing … [Read More...]

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Anglotees Alert: Enter For Your Chance to Win A Free Classic British Drama DVD Collection from Acorn Media

We've partnered with Acorn Media to offers friends of Anglotees a chance to win One of Three copies of their new DVD British Drama Collection. Included in new DVD set are: Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (1997) - A prim and … [Read More...]


Real Life James Bonds: 10 Interesting Facts and Figures about MI6 – The British Foreign Intelligence Service

“Bond. James Bond.” Though they may not refer to their agents as “00” anything, MI6, more officially known as the Secret Intelligence Service, is still a crack intelligence agency. MI6 actually stands for “Military … [Read More...]


Sunday Photo: A Lovely Photo of The Old Mill in Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds For Your Desktop Wallpaper

One of the highlights of our last trip was a visit to the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, we had the pleasure of visiting Lower Slaughter (sadly, a sick toddler prevented a trip to Upper Slaughter). Before we had to get Anglotopia … [Read More...]

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Game of Thrones: Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace Plays Game of Thrones Theme at the Changing of the Guard – Video Inside

The Changing of the Guard is always fun if you can get a good spot and one of the highlights is the band will play a variety of songs. This past week they did something awesome and played the Game of Thrones theme. Well, … [Read More...]


Since We All Love Pictures of Cute Babies – Check Out the New Official Photo Released Tonight of Prince George Toddling

Prince George's Birthday is Tuesday - can you believe it's been a year! Miss Anglotopia just turned one herself and it amazing how time flies. Ahead of the undoubted media attention coming, the Palace has released a new … [Read More...]

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Weekend Viewing: Harlots, Housewives and Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls – Act 3 – At Work and Play – Final Episode – Lucy Worsley

Lucy Worsley explores the lives of some of the most remarkable women of the age, including writers, actresses, travellers and scientists. Against a backdrop of religious and political turmoil, the rise of print culture, … [Read More...]


Great British Art: A Landscape in Suffolk by Thomas Gainsborough

  The subject of this painting are the landscapes that the young Thomas Gainsborough grew up with in his native suffolk. The Dutch landscape art of the 17th century was an inspiration with its loose brushstrokes, … [Read More...]


Happy Birthday to Brit Superstar Benedict Cumberbatch Who’s 38 Today – What’s Your Favorite Role?

A big Anglotopia Happy Birthday goes out to British superstar Benedict Cumberbatch who turns 38 years old today. What's your favorite Cumberbatch role? We'd vote for Sherlock. … [Read More...]

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Harry Potter – Humor – Middle Aged Harry Potter Novel Ideas

JK Rowling took the Harry Potter world by storm last week when she released a new short story detailing what he was up to in his adult life. If she continues writing about the wizard's life, what subject matter must she … [Read More...]


Guest Feature: Caledoniatopia – Our Intrepid Writer Goes on A Spontaneous Day Trip to Glasgow

Next week over 1,000,000 people will flood Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It's a proud moment for this city that has been through cycles of boom and bust for hundreds of years, sinking into squalor and scraping its … [Read More...]


Anglotees Alert: New Shirt LIVE – Brilliant Britain – Our Tribute to the Places that Make Britain Great!

When our regular designer Malcolm showed us this design, we knew we had to go with it immediately. Brilliant Britain – this shirt conjures up some of the most beautiful places in Britain. These places are overlaid on top of a … [Read More...]


Brit Telly 101: Understanding British Police Ranks for British Mystery TV Show Lovers

“Rank has its privileges” they say, and in any military or police organization you can find quite a lot of them. Ranks exist to create order and a clear chain of command between officers with different levels of experience. … [Read More...]

Four articles with some variation on the Next Day cover art as the picture. David's reluctance to do anything in public to support his new album is not making my job easy.

David Bowie will release new music soon.

For whatever reason, in recent years, David Bowie has gone from typically flashy rock star to possibly retired rock star to reclusive artist. It has been a year and a half since he announced he was releasing his first new … [Read More...]

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English Language: What’s The Longest Word In The English Language?

  Another fascinating video from Brit Tom Scott who makes videos about interesting things. From the video description: I'm getting a bit linguistic in this week's video, from the Welsh village of … [Read More...]

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History: A Brief and Funny Guide to Britain’s 6 Worst Rulers – Anglophenia Video

Britain has had a number of great kings and queens, but also some truly terrible ones. Siobhan Thompson from Anglophenia looks at the worst of the worst. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8Jo6sAtqXA … [Read More...]


Guest Long Read: Brit Food – 10 Delicious British Dishes Every Anglophile Should Know About – What’s Your Favorite?

British food has been accused of being boring and bland but dedicated Anglophiles know better. This article is a list of 10 British dishes every Anglophile should know about. Whether it’s their interesting story, their plain … [Read More...]

Isambard Kindom Brunel

Great Britons: Isambard Kingdom Brunel – Everything You Need to Know About The Engineer That Built Victorian Britain

Key Facts About Isambard Kingdom Brunel Born April 9, 1806, died September 15, 1859. Developed modern rail and shipping transport Showed the power and ability of engineering to change the world Has pretty much the … [Read More...]


Brit Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch Gives You Acting Lessons in this Fascinating Video

In this short video for BAFTA Guru, Benedict Cumberbatch gives some acting lessons and talks about the trade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuO0JLIBCDs … [Read More...]


Reigning Windsors: Ten Things You May Not Know About the Royal Family

Born of war, King George V created the House of Windsor in 1917, changing the family name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to distance the British Royal Family from its German roots. Four monarchs have ruled under this name and … [Read More...]

Manic Street Preachers may play 20th Anniversary “Holy Bibe” gigs.

For those of you who aren't in the know, the Manic Street Preachers are not a gospel act, but an alt-rock band in the vein of the Clash or Guns n Roses, well known for generally being the 90s rock equivalent of the Angry … [Read More...]

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Game of Thrones: Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace Plays Game of Thrones Theme at the Changing of the Guard – Video Inside

The Changing of the Guard is always fun if you can get a good spot and one of the highlights is the band will play a variety of songs. This past week they did something awesome and played the Game of Thrones theme. Well, … [Read More...]


Brit Telly 101: Understanding British Police Ranks for British Mystery TV Show Lovers

“Rank has its privileges” they say, and in any military or police organization you can find quite a lot of them. Ranks exist to create order and a clear chain of command between officers with different levels of experience. … [Read More...]


Weekend Viewing: Harlots, Housewives And Heroines – A 17th Century History For Girls – At Home – Episode Two – Lucy Worsley

Continuing our posting of the series Harlots, Housewives and Heroines, here is episode two. You can watch episode one here. Lucy Worsley explores the ordinary as well as the extraordinary lives of women in the home. This … [Read More...]

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Homecoming Scotland: Highland (fun and) Games

By Andrea Kirkby One of the surprises of the Sochi Olympics was how many people, having never heard of the game before, became fans of … [Read More...]

What You Need to Start Your Own Home Renovations Business in the UK

If you’re looking for a career that will provide you with job security as well as giving you the chance to use your creative skills, home … [Read More...]

5 Fantastic UK Breaks

The UK is a fantastic place for a holiday and has so many options to choose from. It’s certainly not all about London, with trips to the … [Read More...]

Take a Tour of Britain, You Won’t be Disappointed!

With Olympic fever dying down after an incredible summer of sport, focus is likely to move away from the UK having been under the spotlight … [Read More...]

5 Stunning UK Sites Not to Be Missed

The UK is packed with a wide range of fantastic things to see and do, and with them on your doorstep there’s no excuse for not sampling ever … [Read More...]

Whatcha gonna do when labor strikes (and other stressful travel situations) come to you!?

You know the fantasy idea of a big trip? Wake up refreshed on the morning of your trip, bags packed and waiting by the door? You have a nice … [Read More...]

Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Summer Events

Many of us enjoy setting up events during the summer months while others enjoy simply going to them and having a great time.  These events … [Read More...]

Wimbledon: Lisicki banishes bad memories

It seems to have taken Sabine Lisicki 12 months to get over her Wimbledon final nightmare but she finally appears to be getting back to her … [Read More...]

Five Vegan Recipe Books You Must Try

As more people transition to a vegan diet, and as more individuals are giving veganism a try or taking the steps to incorporate more vegan … [Read More...]

The Alternative Places to Watch the UK Leg of the Tour de France

It won’t have escaped your attention that Tour De France fever is currently gripping Yorkshire. With so many miles to be covered and so … [Read More...]