This will serve as a disclaimer / disclosure for now:

The FTC recently set out new rules that bloggers have to follow in regards to disclosing their relationships with advertisers who give them freebies and whatnot. This was a pretty unregulated part of the web and now they have decided to step in a threaten bloggers with $11,000 fines unless they disclose their relationships with their advertisers.

So, I figured this would be a good time to let everyone know how that will affect Anglotopia and how we try to monetize the blog.

Yes, I’ve been given freebies to write reviews. However, the fact that it’s a freebie does not really influence how I write the review. Thankfully, I’ve never really been given any crap freebies. If you wish to send me something that you want me to write about, I will be more than happy to do so.

We occasionally take payment to write a publish a guest blog post or a sponsored post. Regular Advertisers have the option to write a blog post about their products and services and if that happens, they will be marked guest posts as well. However, not all guest posts have been paid for.

I write a lot of positive things about British Airways, but not because they’ve asked me too, but because I really enjoy flying with them and think they’re a fab airline – and I know they have their flaws. They’ve been kind enough to fly us to London twice in the last year. So, I’m sorry if it feels like I’m a British Airways PR feed – that won’t change. But they are not paying me in any way and I DO NOT speak for British Airways. We are members of the British Airways affiliate program and we earn a small commission if you book a trip.

There are other advertisers on this site as well. Some ads are in place because I’ve bartered goods and services with the person. There are also Google Ads, which provide a small amount of money that offsets the costs of running the site. There are other ads in place that are affiliate links where I also earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Most notable is the BBC America shop ads. But in all honesty, I will be shifting away from those as they are not effective and half of our audience is in the UK – which means they aren’t buying things targeted for an American audience.

There are also text ads in the sidebar that have been placed there in exchange for money. They’re near the bottom and I try to keep them relevant.

Your user information stored on the site is not for sale to anyone, your e-mail is safe with us and will never be resold and we will never SPAM you. The only e-mail you will get from us is our Weekly Newsletter and special announcements, all of which you must opt into (and can opt out of with one click).

All comments on Anglotopia are held for moderation unless you’ve posted comments before. This is mostly to fight spammers (we get hundreds of spam comments a day) but also to keep an eye on the conversation. I occasionally refuse to publish comments if they are mean, malicious, cruel, offensive but this has rarely happened. I try to be an open forum for Anglophiles all over the world. However, Anglotopia is no place for negativity or the place to make a political stand.

Our Facebook page has grown in popularity. We share pictures, videos and select articles from our website. We also moderate comments there as well and do not tolerate abuse in any way. We do not hesitate to ban people who break the rules.

We generally avoid covering politics on Anglotopia, American and British both. We like to keep things positive and we have no right to comment on politics in Britain as we’re not British. We do like to cover education political topics, but generally avoid stances. Our one exception is related to UK immigration as its an issue that affects us greatly.

Anglotopia is a labor of love that I started to help channel my passion for Great Britain and help fund it as well. It’s starting to pay dividends but this site will always be a labor of love. All blog content will remain free and you are by no means obligated to support the site by purchasing anything through our affliates or by clicking our Google Ads (but feel free to!). If the ads really bother you, there are software programs you can get for Firefox and Safari that will block most ad networks. I don’t care if you do this. But keep in mind the Google Ads are contextual – meaning they are targeted towards the content on the page so you may miss out on learning about some great Britain related stuff if you block all the ads.

Anglotopia has many, many fantastic columnists who contribute to the site. Most do so for free, some are paid. They all do it for their own reasons, most to promote their own blogs and online activities. This is perfectly fine. A link from Anglotopia is very valuable online currency.

We are not associated with the BBC in anyway – some people think we are for some reason. We also do not advocate piracy of British TV in any way and recommend watching British TV legally.

Lastly, if you’re a British expat, this site probably isn’t for you. This website is for people who admire Britain and it has been our experience British expats don’t much like Britain which is why they don’t live there.

I think that about covers it. If you have any questions/comments/concerns about anything in regards to how I run Anglotopia – feel free to ask.