Brit Books: A Year in the Life of Cotswolds by Beata Moore

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Back in May 2012, we had the opportunity to visit the Cotswolds for just three short days. It was long enough to fall in love for life. We love the gently rolling hills and the golden-stoned villages. So, we were sure to book in a week there in our upcoming trip. We’ll spend a week in January 2014 exploring the southern edges of the Cotswolds and we can’t wait.

So, it was very fortuitous that we received a copy of A Year in the Cotswolds by Beata Moore, which is a photo essay on the four seasons of this beautiful little corner of England.

The book is filled with hundreds of beautiful color photos that illustrates the most beautiful places the Cotswolds have to offer. Along the way, the author guides you through the villages and provides helpful anecdotes about the places and what to see.

The book divides the Cotswolds into 4 sections and 4 seasons: Winter: The East, Spring: The South, Summer: The North and Autumn: The West. This is a helpful way to explore the Cotswolds because the most confusing thing for a visitor is trying to define where exactly the Cotswolds are. The trick is to not think of it as an exact geographic area but rather an idea of a place.

This book is worth the pictures alone – but the added writing will make this a very helpful book in planning a trip to the Cotswolds. But keep in mind, it’s not a travel guide. There are other and better books for that (which we will find out!).

This is a great coffee table book and a great introduction to one of the most beautiful places in England. We can’t recommend it more highly.

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