Brit DVD Reviews: The Code – An Exploration of Math

I was given a two DVD set “ The Code, narrated by Professor Marcus du Sautoy” to watch and review. At first, I said to myself – yuck – mathematics. This will be a big chore. Imagine my shock when I watched the DVDs and not only did I learn a lot – I thoroughly enjoyed the entire set. It was amazing. He illustrates concepts by visiting the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, a cathedral, an area due to have a hatch of cicadas and many other places.

Professor du Sautoy has a beautiful voice for narration and explains the concepts in such a way that even a confirmed math-phobic can grasp them. I had my son watch the set as well and he very much enjoyed it.

I believe that anyone would enjoy this – school age children through old people (like me). The photography and computer generated graphics are beautiful.

I really can say enough about this series – people should watch it with their families before school starts to re-awaken their children’s brains.

I will definitely be on the look out for more of Professor du Sautoy’s work.

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