British Music: Mumford & Sons’ “Sigh No More” Album Review

For Londoners, this band has been around for a while. Recently I started to hear a few of their songs on the radio. I found myself humming the tunes. I could not get the songs out of my head. I didn’t know who they were for the longest time, but I found their sound refreshing and happy.

Yesterday, I finally found out the name of the band that I had been raving to others about. I had only heard a few songs of theirs, but I loved what I heard, so I decided to take a chance and bought the album from iTunes. As I sat and listened to the album, I kept expecting to find a song I didn’t like, but I couldn’t. Each song was unique  and had an almost intoxicating sound. The lyrics were passionate and soulful.

My dad is a recording engineer, so I have grown up with music around me my entire life. This being said, I think I am a harsher critic when it comes to music than most. In a way, the the band’s harmonies reminds me of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. It is so refreshing to hear music that doesn’t talk explicitly of sex and drugs.

Right now, Sigh No More is at the top of my iTunes play list. These Londoners make such beautiful music. I am so glad I found this band. I am looking forward to seeing what is in the future for these guys. Very rarely do I recommend music, but I highly recommend this album for something new and refreshing from this talented group.

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  1. avatarKathyN says

    Using my VPN service, I was able to sign up for the Spotify music streaming service. An ad for a Mumford & Sons album caught my eye and I too fell in love with what I heard. Then I realized I’d heard their song “The Cave” on local radio a few times. And it was recently announced that they wrote a song that will be the closing music for the new release of Andrea Arnold’s (Fish Tank) version of Wuthering Heights! Can’t wait to see it and hear the track.

  2. avatarAmie says

    Jackie, I’m so glad to hear you love them, too! They were the first band I recommended in my first music piece for Anglotopia last year:

    I’ve had the good fortune to see them live twice now. The first time was an intimate jazz club with about 150 other people, and I was completely blown away. The second time was last month when they played a sold-out crowd of 10,000 here in Arizona on one of the stops for the Railroad Revival Tour.

    Their music is just as incredible live as what you hear on “Sigh No More,” and they are immensely talented. I highly recommend seeing them live if you get the opportunity to do so. The accolades and awards they have won are much deserved, and I can’t wait for their next album to be released. :-)

  3. avatarGuy Williams says

    Wow, it’s hypnotic. Only thing on my playlist right now. Forced Kings of Leon out of my head!

  4. avatarValerie says

    I completely agree! Mumford and Sons has been at the top of my playlist since December (I was upset that I missed them play live in Oregon by only two months!) They are surely one of the best acts out there. Along their line of music, I’ve also discovered Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling…keeping my eyes peeled for them too.

    British music has always had some amazing contributions: from the Clash to New Order to Adele (all very different, all amazing artists, all I enjoy). :)

    • avatarAmie says

      Valerie, I just saw Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit live last week, as a matter of fact! He’s so gifted and a brilliant performer- a must-see if you ever get the chance. Seeing Laura Marling perform is a dream of mine; I adore her. :-)