Amazing Satellite Picture of the Island of Great Britain Covered in Snow

This picture made my jaw drop. It’s a satellite picture from NASA of the island of Britain covered in snow. The whole island. Covered in snow. You can clearly see the effects of England’s recent snowstorm in the image! It was taken in January 2010.

Check out Frozen Britain below!


Click the image to see a bigger version.

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  1. avatarLisa says

    It was amazing to see from the air when I was flying over. Of course there are clouds covering Hartlepool in that photo!

  2. avatarKobus says

    Nice photo. Why is Ireland still green if England, Scotland and Wales are uniformly covered in “snow”?

    • avatar says

      Ireland is not covered with snow, especially not on the west side because of the gulf stream. It is a conveyor belt of warm water. It originates in the gulf of Mexico and makes its way over the Atlantic. The source of it, or the main “power” is the arctic sea around Greenland, where it hits cool water. It has lost a lot of water by evaporation and has a high concentration of salt which makes it a lot heavier. It will fall down to the bottom of the sea and travel all the way to the south pole where it reach the surface again.

  3. avatar says

    Great britain was covered in snow i should know, the schools were shut and when they re openened basically the snow was still deep, and barley anyone was in, i couldnt get to school. Btw, a quick message for America, and half of ireland and all those. Your lucky. I think it is going to happen again it was sunny then all of a sudden the scene changed from sunny and green to cloudy and…white.

  4. avatar says

    Really amazing picture. In my point of view, Spring is the best time to travel to these countries, because in spring we should also need some handsome travel budget as well