American Craft Beers are Taking Britain by Storm

According to the Guardian – American craft beers like Blue Moon are becoming very popular in Britain right now.

From the Guardian:

After years of derision and association with loutish behaviour, lager is mounting a fightback. Sales of a drink once associated with continental sophistication have dropped by 11% since 2004, with lager ceding market share to real ale last year for the first time in living memory.

But now the lager industry is gearing up for a fight, as American “craft” brews are revealed as the UK’s fastest growing beer trend. Data from Information Resources Inc, a research company, shows that sales of premium lagers imported from the US have increased by 150% over the past year as they are rolled out in the UK’s pubs and clubs.

Tesco is launching four of the most popular – Blue Moon, Goose Island, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Brooklyn – at 750 stores across the UK. “American craft beers have become the UK’s fastest growing beer trend and are now starting to muscle in on territory dominated by Belgian and German specialist brews,” said Tesco’s buyer, Chiara Nesbitt. “UK tastes have been changing for a while now, and more and more drinkers are moving towards flavoursome brews.”

Craft lagers trade on their artisanal, independent image. But many are owned by the major brewing chains which are desperate to diversify at a time when lager’s mass appeal is on the wane. Blue Moon is made by Coors, and Anheuser Busch, which makes Budweiser, bought a 58% stake of Chicago-based brewery Goose Island in March.


The is rather interesting considering the British can be rather snobby about our beers!

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