Anglophile Alert: New British Pie in the USA Range Celebrates Downton Abbey Tradition


To commemorate the new Downton Abbey Season Four, premiering on PBS scheduled to air January 5, 2014, The English Pork Pie Company  will be offering three authentic period pies and sausages created from recipes that date back to the Downton Abbey period and location. The three hand made items will be a Yorkshire Pie, traditionally eaten cold, a Yorkshire Meat and Potatoe pie, and handmade Old English Sausages, using traditional seasoning  from that bygone era. The combination is called the Country Estate Special.

The English Pork Pie Company, based in Buffalo, is the only British owned and operated USDA approved meat pie production facility in the USA. It serves thousands of customers including supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, attractions, as well as the general public. Owner Damian Parker said “When I was younger and growing up in Yorkshire, where Downton Abbey is set, I was a Gamekeeper on large country estates very similar to Downton Abbey. I am very familiar with the traditional foods served in those very large manor homes. Our three Downton Abbey inspired items are authentic down to the smallest detail – and as with all of our products, hand made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. That’s how they made them back in the day. To ensure authenticity we actually use pie making equipment from the UK that dates back to the 1920’s”.

The Country Estate Special, value priced at $22.89 (Season 4 – $4 discount) includes a pound of Old English Sausages, a Yorkshire Pork Pie and a Yorkshire Meat and Potato Pie. Traditionally Old English Sausages would be served for breakfast with eggs and bacon or as a dinner with mashed potatoes. The Yorkshire Pork Pie is served cold with a salad and pickles or mustard. The Yorkshire Meat and Potato Pie is a perfect comfort food and served with potatoes and vegetables.

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About The English Pork Pie Company

The English Pork Pie Company, established in 2008 is a privately held business based in Buffalo, NY. It is the only British owned and operated USDA approved facility in the USA producing a variety of traditional and authentic regional meat pies, pasties, pork pies, and sausages. Located on almost 40 acres, with a 37,000 square foot facility capable of producing 30,000 pies a day. It has won the Best of British award from The Telegraph newspaper 2 years in a row. Serving British Embassies and Consulates. Environmentally responsible using locally farmed produce and sustainable foods whenever possible.  All natural, no MSG, no Trans Fat, 70% lower sodium and no preservatives. Export license approved to ship internationally. For more information please visit or Facebook at  and Twitter

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  1. avatarVeronica Erwin Oss says

    This is great! My husband is from Upper Peninsula of Michigan so I make Cornish pasties from time to time. I love making meat pies of all sorts and these would be fun to taste and duplicate!! On another note (since this is Downton related), does anyone happen to know the china pattern the servants use on Downton? I think it is Wedgwood White but the tea cups from which they drink are pretty big (that’s what I like about it) so that doesn’t quite match up. Thanks!!!
    Veronica, Indianapolis

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