Anglotees: New T-Shirt Live – Batlock – Inspired by Sherlock


The next shirt up for Anglotees has a Sherlock theme as the hit BBC Show Sherlock returns to PBS this weekend!

Every city needs a Sherlock – a brilliant detective they can call on in a time of need. He’s like Batman, except without all the gadgets and only armed with a trench coat and a deerstalker hat.

When Sherlock returns in the upcoming premiere, London is desperate for his help and this inspired us to create ‘Batlock’ – an imagination of London calling out for help much like Gotham City calls out for help from Batman.

Available in Men’s, Women’s and V-Neck sizes from $15.99 for one week only.


GOOD NEWS: We’ve worked with our printer to be able to offer some larger sizes due to popular request. The Unisex shirt can now be ordered up to 5XL and the Women’s up to 3XL. Due to the higher production costs for these larger sizes, 3X and up cost $17.99 (5XL is $18.99) instead of $15.99. The V-neck is unfortunately only available up to 2XL.

NOTE: This shirt is only available for purchase until Friday, January 24th at NOON CST. So get your order in soon!


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  1. avatar says

    hi Jonathon, i just found your site, great site. I love the Tee. I ordered one for my daughter who is a total Sherlock fan. It is great you ship to Germany.

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