Diamond Jubilee: Win 1 of 3 Copies of Britain Magazine’s Diamond Jubilee Special

Our friends at Britain Magazine have provided us 3 copies of their Diamond Jubilee special on the Queen to giveaway. This special tribute to the Queen’s 60 year reign is available at major bookstores and online on their website.

We’ve had a copy for a couple of weeks now and we love it – it feature great commentary on the Queen’s life from some of Britain most well known historians. There are tons of pictures and ideas on how to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

It’s a definite keepsake for Anglophiles here in the USA for the Diamond Jubilee.

So, how would you like to win a copy? We’ve got three to giveaway.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite thing about the Queen – be it your favorite piece of trivia, favorite moment, etc. Please keep it positive - this is not a site for British Republicans (the sort that want to get rid of the Monarchy – not the American political party)!

This contest is open only to US or Canadian residents. You have until Tuesday May8th to enter!


  1. avatarGranticus says

    I love how she adjusted her schedule so she could attend Frances and John Canning’s wedding! Such a charming little surprise from a charming woman. She is pure class.

  2. avatarNicole says

    I just love everything about her. I’m currently reading a biography from the 1970′s about her and her amazing life. It’s amazing how she’s been “on the throne” for so long, and still seems so active in everything going on! She’s awesome.

  3. avatarSILVANA MOSCATO says


  4. avatar says

    I love seeing photos of the Queen reviewing the troops when one of her sons or grandsons (or Prince Philip) is part of the lineup. She always looks so amused.

  5. avatarKay says

    I love that during World War II, she joined the women’s division of the British Army and trained to be a mechanic

  6. avatarTerry Coffey says

    I love how she has always stood up and done what she feels is her duty to her country and the world–and not simply what might be most expedient for her personally. Plus a woman who can work on fixing an airplane can’t be all bad!

  7. avatarDebra Davidson says

    I love how she really struggles to grow with the times and does to a degree, but always maintains her sense of self and style, whatever others have to say.

  8. avatarKaren Ford says

    I have been enchanted with the Queen and her family for years. I remember watching her Coronation on television when I was a little girl. I also remember being in Niagara Falls, Ontario when the Queen and Prince Philip visited the city. The Queen is a very gracious lady and she too loves corgis and horses.

  9. avatarRobert Evans says

    What always strikes me about the Queen is her unwavering dignity and her complete devotion to her nation.

  10. avatarTina says

    I love how she’s refuses to be stagnant no matter how easy it might be to do so and I love how she is so much than her media image. The Queen is a fascinating woman who is, to me, awe-inspiring.

  11. avatar says

    When we were living back in England, I took my 6 year old daughter to see the Queen open our local college. Charlotte presented the Queen with flowers from our garden and curtsied very politely. The Queen said “thank you very much” and luckily someone took a photo, so Charlotte is very proud of this photo.

  12. avatarJohn Schmieder says

    My Mom is from London England. I have always been fascinated with all things British. I think the Queen has done a great job during her reign.

  13. avatarSamantha Skelton says

    years ago I heard a really interesting fact about the Queen and ever since it’s what I think of when I think of her- “THE QUEEN SENDS A TELEGRAPH TO PEOPLE WHO REACH THE GRAND AGE OF 100″ I think it really shows her true character and I just love that :)

  14. avatarBrad Hazman says

    I admire her for her service to her empire, and for working to continue to keep the monarch relevant.

  15. avatarKristin Aileen says

    her well-coiffed hair! it’s a great, enduring statement about her manner, her fortitude, and her reign

  16. avatarTammy Meikle says

    I just love the whole Idea of the royals. Watching the Queen deal with diplomats and issues makes me wish some of our politicians could take a page from her book. She is always a lady. That is not to say she cant get feisty when she needs to. God Bless the Queen.

  17. avatarLinda Byard says

    I was a small girl when Elizabeth was crowned queen, and thus she became a piece of my personal history. I remember watching this event on our small black and white television and I wondered how I might grow up and be a queen, and wear a beautiful gown and crown with jewels. I continue to watch the royal family through time.

  18. avatarBarbara Manlove says

    I cannot seem to be able to find where to enter the contest for the Britain Magazine.
    I really would like to join that contest, but do not know where to go to do it

  19. avatarJanet says

    Queen Elizabeth has been thru 60 yrs of her up and downs as a Queen of United Kingdom. She is a very strong woman and is willing to change the face of the Monarchy for the better and for its people. May she rule for many more years!

  20. avatarMel K. says

    In 1945, Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service to help in the war effort. She trained side-by-side with other British women to be an expert driver and mechanic.
    I admire The Queen. She has done a wonderful job!

  21. avatarJames Ferguson says

    The Queen is more than yester year, representative of the British monarchy and the GREAT Britain she reigns over…God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen!
    James MacPherson Ferguson

  22. avatarDavid Joyner says

    As the face of the British Royalty she carries herself with honor and dignity at all times. She appears to be gracious, courteous and sincere. Britain should be proud to have her and the Royals as their Monarchs.

  23. avatarSamantha says

    The Queen is so classy. She holds herself with dignity and wont let the haters get her down. She is a beautiful woman and everlasting.

  24. avatarCharlie Fernandez says

    I love how she was able to find time to train bird dogs, her class, how she served her country in WWII, how great she is with her family. So much to like and respect about this legenday Queen.

  25. avatarMatthew Hahn says

    My favorite moment from the Queen was when she asked Ant & Dec if they worked in front or behind the camera.

  26. avatarMary says

    I am amazed by how many people she meets with. It would be utterly exhausting for anyone, yet she does it, and she does it with unwavering class.

  27. avatarJeanette says

    I admire her for her unwavering dignity and selfless dedication to her country and position. I think many people might have glamorous ideas about what it is to be the queen, but when you realize how much of her own life she’s had to sacrfice, you can’t help but admire her!

  28. avatarBeth Hanken says

    The Queen takes her position very seriously. She is dedicated. She committed to serve all her life. She never appears ruffled or undone. Think what it takes for an 85 year old woman to get up everyday do what she does? Most women her age would be retired and relaxing. Even with all her support and help I still think its takes a lot of stamina.

  29. avatarBethany says

    I love Her Majesty’s ability to roll with the times while still maintaining a consistent public face.

  30. avatarJohn Buxbaum says

    25 years ago I was back with my family in Wales for an extended visit. There was so much going on that visit but one of the highlights was sitting with my gran and grandad watching the fireworks for the Queens Jubilee. I can’t believe its now 25 years later..Such a great celebration..

  31. avatarT Rector says

    She reminds me of my own mother, they are the same age and have nearly identical personalities. Mostly I appreciate her because she seems so genuine. She is also amazing to be going so strong at her age, along with Philip, who is equally amazing at over 90!

  32. avatarMary Ellen says

    I especially admire her ability to tolerate change and acknowledge the contributions of diverse individuals.

  33. avatarAndrew H. says

    My favorite thing about the Queen has been her ability to adapt to changing times. She has shone grace and courage as she has adapted. Yet she still remains the person who she is. That is not easy to do. She has not departed for her values but she has modifed and built on the values. When she was a young lady she did her part during WWII she became involved she did not sit by idly. She adapted to the situation her country was in. Years later when Princess Diana passwed away, the Queen once again, was able to adapt and modify her tradition. I admire her for that.

  34. avatarDiane says

    I respect the Queen’s unswerving sense of duty, so apparent even when she was a princess. I was in Penzance in March where I met an English couple who live near Sandringham. They told me that she drives herself around whenever possible. It is a small thing but I think it shows she is keeping a sense of herself as an independent person outside of her role as queen. I like that. I have the greatest admiration for how she handles her role, which includes learning and adapting to the changes in the world while maintaining her core values and relevance. It all looks good from here in California.

  35. avatarDeanna says

    I like that the Queen has always had the best interest of the country at the heart of everything she has done. She respects tradition, yet accepts changes in gradual increments when they will benefit the country. She is steadfast in doing things the right way and knows all she says and does reflects on her country. I think I can guess the Queen’s political views, but she has never tipped her hat one way or the other to confirm my guess. In my opinion, the ability to present a “non political” image is absolutely one of her greatest achievements.

  36. avatarJANY FRY says

    I love how she’s been the everlasting epitome of the Monarchy. She is classy, stout, pretentious with spunk concealed under her shell exterior.

  37. avatarNancy says

    Throughout her life the Queen has been a superb role model for all Brits and the rest of the world!

  38. avatarBeryl Weeks says

    I have seen the Queen many times when I was growing up in London, but the time I remember the most was the day of her coronation. I was a schoolgirl and was in the crowd when she rode by her in her golden coach on the Way to Westminster Abbey. I remember it was raining that day.

  39. avatar says

    i admire how she HONORS her speech which she made when she was 21 years and just acended the THRONE in which she says that however long or short her life maybe she pledged to serve the british people and to her country and she has fufilled this many, many time over…

  40. avatar says

    Elizabeth is a woman who survived World War II and it’s devastation with grace and genuine concern and love for the British people, Although she is a Royal I have never seen her to take an extravagant vacation…she is happiest walking in Scotland. She knows what her job is and performs the duties of Queen inspite of any problems that arise. She has maintained composure through out the many ‘pecadillos’ and sad events of her family.
    A class act…worthy of being Queen!

  41. avatarLady Rivka Meshon-Miller says

    Her Majesty represents stability, comfort, calm at a time when the country and world is in such chaosis.
    Long live the Queen.

  42. avatarJane says

    I have always loved all things British, including the Royalty. The Queen has ruled England with such elegance for so many years. What a role model for so many. Plus I always thought she looked like my Mom (who died in 1971), so it’s like watching my Mom age with grace and beauty.

  43. avatarCarla says

    The queen is a perfect blend of Royal elegance and a real person. One respects and admires her and her position, but at the same time I feel we could have a warm friendly conversation.

  44. avatar says

    I love how the Queen has learned from mistakes from the past and how the whole Royal Family is taking such good care of Kate and it is wonderful to see. She truly is a fabulous role model.

  45. avatarKaja says

    Her life is something amazing and how much she cares about her country.
    Also I loved that she and her husband visited Slovenia :D I couldn’t see her that day but it was all over our news :)
    She didn’t even mind too much (or didn’t show it) when our PM stopped her or something that he should not do :D

  46. avatar says

    I love that the Queen is always the Queen. She isn’t going to change the color of her hair on a whim, her sense of style is constant. She is steadfast in the middle of chaos.

  47. avatarAryn C. says

    To leave just one comment regarding Her Majesty? It truly is not possible. Her Majesty (God Save the Queen), is simply Great Britain, all that it should be, and all that she represents to signify the upmost respect, kindness, politeness, gentleness, Polite Society, and most of all being a guide for Truth all these Years. Thank You, Your Majesty.

    Sincerely, Aryn *your humble servant*

  48. avatarSusan Dorris says

    Her Majesty has been a constant through our lifetimes. Through wars, economic and political crises, social unrest, personal triumphs and tragedies, she is the personification of “Stay Calm and Carry On.” God Save the Queen.

  49. avatar says

    I just think the entire concept of royalty is fascinating. Little girls want to be a princess when they grow up. The Queen looks like someone I would enjoy meeting. She appears to be understanding, gracious, sincere and pleasant. She also looks like she’s got a sense of humor, not sure why I think that. Tomorrow she’s going to be visiting my boyfriends town in SW England. He was grumbling about having to get through all the security today just to get to the gym. I wish I could be there tomorrow to stand with all the other Yeoviltons and wave that Union Flag.

  50. avatarJoanna Dionne says

    So much in the word has changed during my lifetime, but the Queen has remained a constant! Her coronation was shortly before I was born and has always served as a shining example of service and devotion to Her people.

  51. avatardennis walker says

    The Queen has upheld the traditions of the Monarchy thru the most difficult of times.

  52. avatarJen Lynn Rutsky says

    I love that she and I both love Corgis and our favorite color is yellow. I also love how she goes by Queen Mum!

  53. avatarSharon B. says

    I have so much respect for the Queen. I have always admired her sense of duty and her dignity. I love that she learned to be a mechanic during WWII.

  54. avatarcaroline mccabe says

    I love her sense of duty and ageless energy and enthusiasm she shows on her various engagements. She never puts a foot wrong.

  55. avatarLawrence Mounkes says

    Dignity, Style, and Grace! The epitome of a True Royal. The Queen has all of those qualities.

  56. avatarFrank Martin says

    I love the fact that she has stayed strong through out everything that has been dealt her in her public and personal life.

  57. avatarRebecca says

    Dignity and calmness are two characteristics that I admire about Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She has seen the monarchy through two of it’s lowest points the abdication of her uncle and the death of Diana. I admire her grace and courage though bad economic times, war, terrorism, and the scandals of her own family. The Queen has always conducted herself appropriately, and has our love and respect in return. In conclusion, who could possibly wear a fuchsia dress and hat combo better than Her Majesty?

  58. avatarSarasInParis says

    Her handbags! I’d love to know what she keeps in them. I hope it’s something that would surprise us all – like a smart phone or a pocket knife. :-)

  59. avatarDave says

    I admire her longevity. It is such a challenge to maintain steadiness and dignity for such a long period of time and through so many changes in the world.

  60. avatarMelissa Showers says

    I love that she is always so poised and gracious, yet remains accessible to the people around the world. It has been a treat watching her change as the times change.

  61. avatar says

    I admire her for so many reasons. Truly though, the fact that she read a card I sent about being a history teacher and anglogeek as I like to call myself after visiting Buckingham Palace received a written response (which I have framed) and her lady in waiting sent all kinds of great pictures and history fact sheets for me to use with my classes! She truly does read the personal notes and cards sent and that is one of the many reasons I adore Her Majesty.

  62. avatar says

    I admire her devotion to her country, from the early days of World War II (before she was Queen) she has served Britain well through thick and thin and despite the ups and down of her reign she has remained steadfast and loyal to her subjects and always regal! God Save The Queen!

  63. avatarVerna gene says

    When I was in 8th grade I was in my 1st musical & I played a Queen,my Grams told me that I was very regal like Queen Elizabeth. I thought that was the highest honor to be given to me since she was the only one I could take cues from & my royal wave was spot on. :)

  64. avatarTiffany "Gwyn" Cox says

    I love how she handled Michelle Obama’s faux pas (when the Queen was hugged). Such class and gentility! She’s simply marvelous. :)

  65. avatarpatricia marshall says

    I admire the mere fact that she exists. To head an entire kingdom and remain gracious seems an immpossibilty, but she has certainly pulled it off. I am positive that her ancestors would be so proud of her. The Royal Blood must run very deep.

  66. avatarHeather says

    Favorite aspect of the Queen is that she’s one of the last to take seriously her duties as a queen rather than just the partying that the younger royals seem to favor.

    That and the fact that she gave The First Lady a hug!:)

  67. avatarZoe says

    I admire Queen Elizabeth for her sense of duty to her country and her fellow English men and women, and that despite her age, she seems tireless and still enjoys her public appearances. Her evident love of her family is marvelous to see. And it’s fun to see what jewels and hats she wears.

  68. avatarEdward McC. McDonnell says

    I have been following the life of Queen Elizabeth for over 50 years. I clearly find her to be remakably interesting. She has been a stable figure on the world stage longer than some of us can remember. I have found two of the Queen’s personal traits to be very interesting. Queen Elizabeth has shown incredible endurance over these many years. She is a very hard worker. Also, the Queen shows sincere respect for other people. I admire her for these traits as well as others which are too numerous to mention. I will mention just one other trait. The Queen has been and still is a very beautiful woman.

  69. avatarTiki Lawson says

    She inspires us as she (stoically) carries on a tradition going back over 1,000 years. The British monarchy (especially those maligned monarchs such as Richard III) definitely rock!

  70. avatarMark Smith says

    My Dad remembers when she visited Iran when the Shah was still in power back in 1960. He was a Canadian citizen doing work at a Iranian refrigerator factory.

  71. avatar says

    My grandmother was from England, and when I was little she said that I was born on the year that the a young woman named Elizabeth became the Queen of England! Ever since, I have been following the Queen’s joys, sorrows and amazing accomplishments. She and her heritage have been a part of our family since before I was born.

  72. avatar says

    She has remained seemingly “above the fray” when other member of the royal family seemed to go awry. I love how she summed things up in her speech during what she referred to as the “annus horribilus”.

  73. avatarMichael says

    Her Majesty has managed to keep the Monarchy strong into the 21st Century — a supremely difficult task in the “modern” world (every generation calls itself, “modern.”) In doing so she has maintained an irreplaceable link to a proud and fascinating past. Long may she reign!

  74. avatarAnthony says

    I love that she keeps up such a busy and varied schedule at the ripe age of 86!!
    It shows a true comittment to the people of the UK and the Commonwealth, and that she truly cares about her “duty” in life!

  75. avatarLinda vT says

    I was in London on 11/11/2010 and stood right across the road from the Queen and Prince Phillip whilst Big Ben chimed 11 o’clock. It was absolutely breathtaking…….just so unreal and how privileged I felt!!! God Save the Queen. :0) :0) :0)

  76. avatarSuzanne says

    To think about all the history Queen Elizabeth has lived through. And she’s done so with dignity, poise and kindness. Her duty to her beloved United Kingdom is unwavering. God Bless the Queen!!!

  77. avatarChristine Bench says

    I think that the Queen stands for beauty and elegance. How old is she now and look how graceful she is and so youthful looking!

  78. avatarRebecca Kramer says

    I love Queen Elizabeth II’s tradition and stability as the head of the British Monarchy. Provides the tradition that is lacking in other countries leadership and monarchies.

  79. avatarAmy says

    Carrying her handbag everywhere, she reminds me of my own great-grandmother, who had that same kind of dignity and class.

  80. avatarJenn says

    Her Majesty is the epitome of class and grace. She has survived wars, rumors, infighting, & death of loved ones. All of her life she has handled whatever life has thrown her way with panache, and in a way that always reflects a love for her country and her family (including her pets). She is the product of loving parents and the true Queen of the Realm.

  81. avatarKatherine Ferguson says

    I love her sense of duty and service to the British people. She really believes she’s here to SERVE, not to be served.

  82. avatarPeggy Alderdice says

    I have loved the Royal Family since I was old enough to know of their existance. My late father came to the US from Wales in 1929 and my Aunt even once met Her Majesty! A copy of the special edition celebrating her Diamond Jubilee would be a wonderfull addition to my collection.

  83. avatarEileen says

    I know that it sounds silly, but I love the Queen’s Corgis. I have since I was a child. I love how devoted she is to them, and they to her.

  84. avatarStefanie says

    I love the Queen’s commitment to the Commonwealth. She has always maintained an active interest in mantaining this bond between countries thorughout the world.

  85. avatarMelonie Burch says

    Queen Elizabeth is a perfect example of dignity and grace. She is one reason why I love Great Britain !

  86. avatarAmanda says

    I love her dedication to her country and her people. And I love that she’s embraced Kate. I love seeing the two of them together. She’s a first-class woman and leader.

  87. avatarCharlotte says

    I love how she has seemed to change after what happened when Princess Diana died – she seems more accessible to her subjects and seems to be showing a more human side to the monarchy.

  88. avatar says

    I had the pleasure of meeting her majesty at the Three Malverns Agricultural Show many years ago. A true lady. I am a Royalist living in the USA and took great pleasure in taking my twin daughters to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the Guard.

  89. avatarMary I-E says

    I LOVE that QE2 is the patron of over 600 charities and other organizations and that I share names with her.. not her first, or middle, but her second middle name, Mary. :)

  90. avatarJim says

    She is a gracious lady, ambassador who charities and causes she works so hard for benefit greatly. The world could use more strong and dedicated women like her.

  91. avatarRobbin Stratton-Upson says

    As my husband is a Brit, I (an American) have a special place in my heart for the Queen. I have great admiration for her steadfast commitment and loyalty to the Commonwealth and her lifelong sense of duty. What a role model she is! LOVEloveLOVE the Queen, Her Majesty. MMM-WAH!!!

  92. avatarNancy J Burdge says

    I’m an Anglophile and like all things British, but especially that the Queen and I share our Jubilees. I was in England for our 25th and 50th, and hope to go over this year for our 60th. It’s her anniversary and my birthday jubilee.

  93. avatarChristine says

    I am amazed at how she keeps up her hectic schedule! She is in shape. I admire her stamina and ability to stay so sharp and up to date. Love the Queen.

  94. avatar says

    I love the pagentry,- the traditions – My grandmother Emily, my namesake, was from England and was loyal to the Queen even though she lived in the United States. I learned alot about the Queen and the Royal Family growing up!

  95. avatarHeather Titilah Vieira says

    Her Majesty’s own husband, HRH Prince Phillip, has stated the Queen’s job “is a job that nobody in their right mind would choose.” Yet, at the oh so young age of 25, Queen Elilzabeth II became Queen after the death of her beloved father. When you consider how he ascended to the throne and the impact it had on his family, the amazing modern history we have all seen unfold is awe-inspiring. Her Majesty meant every word she uttered about being of service no matter how long her life might be. Clearly King George VI and the Queen Mum set the courageous example of how to make a difference no matter what came their way (ie wars, personal family crises, etc.) She has evolved and given of herself every day of her reign. And long may it continue. God Save the Queen.

  96. avatarTom Reiser says

    She is the most important representative of the United Kingdom and as such I have God Save the Queen on my iPhone and iPad and the Union flag is the wallpaper for both devices.

  97. avatarRenee Runyon says

    Queen Elizabeth and my mother are nearly the same age, and they look very similar to each other. This gives me a warm feeling in my heart toward her, and I wish her the very best on this special occasion!

  98. avatarKimberly A Clark says

    My favorite thing about her is that one can see the human being every time you look at her – she may be a monarch but she is also a mother, grandmother, wife. And not just to her own family but for her subjects as well. Every one of her people know that they can count on her to be there, at the helm of the country, steering the ship. And that is an enviable thing in an uncertain world.

  99. avatardragon7 says

    She is classy. She has great respect for her people. She’s a wonderful example of how a world leader should be.

  100. avatarMarcia says

    I love the fact the Queen served in the military during WWII. Unlike most politicians, she truly understands what it means to serve and what it means to sacrifice to support the military.

  101. avatarCathy T says

    I like the fact that she’s deeply interested in everything that goes on in GB’s government. She’s a very smart and tenacious woman. What if she had had a brother who became king instead? Would a man have been so mature at such a young age when taking over for her father? Would a man have acted with such grace, dignity and devotion? Or would he have bailed to chase after a woman?

  102. avatarKerry Jackson says

    I went on my first trip to London last October 2011. We were lucky enough to make it on the last day to take the tour of Buckingham Palace. For me though, Her Majesty’s Royal Jewel Collection at the Tower was stop in your tracks, eye popping, utter amazement. I would love to add this book on the Queen to my collection of royal history books I bought at Henry’s VIII Hampton Court gift shop. Right next to my Phillippa Gregory and Allison Wier novels.
    Love from Texas :)

  103. avatarSteve says

    The Queen stands as a symbol of respect in an age when so few leaders command it. She is a model of dignity in a class of her own.

  104. avatarChris says

    Queen Elizabeth has spent her life in duty to her country. She has always put the needs of her country before her own wants. She has been a steadfast beacon exemplifying the best kind of “stiff upper lip” for her citizens in times of trouble. At the same time she has been able to show her warm and caring side to her public. Few rulers throughout history have had the kind of amazing and gracious life as has the Queen. She will go down in history as one-of- a-kind. All that being said, my favorite thing about Queen Elizabeth would have to be her resiliency. She has weathered every adversity in her life and in the history of her reign with great wisdom.

  105. avatarPamela Hilton says

    Her dedication to her country and her people. With age she did not step down or even slow down! What an incredible reign she has had.

  106. avatarpen says

    The Queen is so super classy. And all of the things she does, especially for someone of her age. She is amazing. Another thing I like about her is that every time I see her, it’s like seeing my aunt. Really. Such an amazing resemblance. Another very classy lady! But, I haven’t gotten far enough back in the family tree to find a connection. I’m pretty sure there isn’t one, but it’s fun to look.

  107. avatarNeil Tassoni says

    My favorite trivia morsel is that she was born on the same date and under the same moon sign as one Miss Margaret Thatcher!
    I love and obsessed with these two grandes dames.

  108. avatarJason Fish says

    I love that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. I’d really like to learn more about her.

  109. avatarPetra Creser says

    On the Queen’s silver Jubilee, my head mistress told our school that Her Majesty was visiting us (among many other Armed Forces schools). My father entrusted me with his camera and gave me strict instructions how to take her picture. On the big day, I was asked to present The Queen with a bouquet of flowers, but I declined because I didn’t want to let my dad down. Imagine his face when it was revealed what I’d done. Well, I was only 9 and a bit of a wally then.

  110. avatarKay Peebles says

    I know it’s trivial but I am fascinated THAT she carries a hand bag. I have always wondered what she could possibly be carrying in it. She appears to hang on to it with great diligence so my speculation is Emergency Tiara but I could be wrong. :-)

  111. avatarDavid Newman says

    She is the last real acting Queen left. She is different from the other monarchs of Europe. She is part of the old school and when she is gone it will be the end of a real Queen.

  112. avatarchelsea says

    I love the Queen’s Corgis! In fact, it’s what made me want one of my own, seeing her joyful pictures with her beloved pets. It’s obvious how much she adores them. I got a Corgi of my own last year, Darcy, and she turned one year old yesterday.

    Long live the Queen and her Corgis!

  113. avatarKristi Forbes says

    The thing I love about the Queen was that during the end of WWII she used to be a Mechanic ad fixed cars. I think it is something to me that makes the Queen seem more down to earth and not as removed some the public as some would think.

  114. avatarWendy Safyre says

    I was a little girl of 9 in England when the Queen was crowned. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The large street party, the Shakespeare play we put on at school in honor of the occasion and how I played the Prologue. How we watched the Coronation on one of the neighbor’s small black & white television.

    I used to collect Royalty pictures from the newspapers & go around to all the neighbors & ask for their newspapers & stick the pictures in an album, which I still have. I used a glue made up of flour & water. I have one picture of five British Monarchs, walking through a Scottish glen in their kilts – quite a historic ‘photo.

    Royalty was to us like film stars are today – we were fascinated by everything about them!

    Wendy Safyre
    Milford, CT

  115. avatarElizabeth M Thomas says

    When I was a young girl, a family friend gave me an authentic English bone china plate with a beautiful image of the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II on it. She implied that, as a bearer of her name, I should try to emulate her queenly qualities. As I looked at the image of “Elizabeth the Queen” on that plate growing up, it inspired me to be a better person, to have greater courage, dignity and grace. Now, after several decades of observing British royalty, I can honestly say that Queen Elizabeth II has more than lived up to my youthful ideals. She is an excellent role model of what a queen should be and I truly admire her hard work, fortitude and integrity—particularly during times of adversity. I hope this year to not only pay her tribute, but to add a Jubilee china plate to my collection for newfound inspiration in the years to come! ☺

  116. avatarDerek Adamczyk says

    I love England, I love Great Britain and she is The Queen. Long live the Queen!

    Derek Adamczyk
    Chicago, IL

  117. avatarKin Wah Tang says

    I love everything about the Royals – warts and all. I still have two medallions issued for Her Majesty’s Coronation.

  118. avatardrew gillespie says


  119. avatarCathleen Clark says

    Can I tell a cool story about the queen? About a year ago, our British friends took us to Windsor Castle. Because one of our friends is handicapped and in a wheelchair, we were able to take a slightly different tour than most other people- due to the regular tour not being wheelchair accessible. So, we ended up going through Windsor’s kitchens at one point. And we noticed that there was a row of doggie dishes and toys lined up very neatly under one of the sinks. The tour guide explained that the queen selected that spot for their dishes and selected the dog’s toys. He told us she is a longtime animal and especially dog lover and she likes to supervise their nightly feedings and toy time. What I love about the queen is that she is a dog lover and obviously takes great pride in her doggies!

  120. avatarJeffery Clark says

    My wife’s story is above. Another story from the same trip is that when we were walking around the city near Winsdor, we met some locals. And they told us that their children like to play in the park next to Winsdor. One day, their kid’s ball went too far and landed in front of the Queen, who was actually out riding her horse that day. And before they could get to the ball, the Queen stopped her horse, hopped off, and grabbed the ball- then walked over and handed to their children (who had come running up to get the ball). What a classy and original woman the Queen is. She seems very grounded, very real and she is not even too busy to grab a kid’s ball and hand it back to them. How many queens can you say will do that?

  121. avatarMargaret Larson says

    I love her palace at Holyrood House in Edinburgh. It’s easy to envision the Queen and a corgi or two in that gorgeous setting.

  122. avatarCatherine Atkinson says

    I am using the words of Winston Churchill, who knew the Queen as a servant and Friend. “We respect the lady because she is our Queen, and love her becuse she is herself.”

    What a hard worker she is, someone who has been loyal to her calling and yet have had a full personal life. Her love of the Corgis, country life, riding and thoroughbred racing, and Scotland fascinate us. She chose a husband who has supported her in every way.Her children and grandchildren bless her. She chose a husband who has supported her in every way.

    I have been aware of Queen Elizabeth the II as our Monarch all my life. I love to tune in to her Christmas messages. She is quite simply the most spectacular woman and I admire her tremendously.

  123. avatarDona Manning says

    I believe that I was born in the wrong country. I have always been a fan of Britian and the monarchy. I love everything about Her Majesty and her family. I named my son Andrew after her son, Andrew. I would love this book as I am always ready to read anything I can on the Monarchy and especially the Queen. Great website.

  124. avatarZainab says

    I find the Queen to be an amazing person for her innate dignity and sense of responsibility, especially evident since she became Queen at such an early age.

  125. avatarLilith Payne says

    I love that the Queen has retained both her dignity and her humanity. She has served her country well, and puts her country ahead of her own particular needs and wants. She is a dignified, courteous head of state and yet she remains so human. I love that she trained to be a mechanic during WW II. Earlier this year, she chose to accept a smaller salary, due to the economic downturn. Now, if she could just teach other world leaders some of these characteristics!

    Long live the Queen!

  126. avatarEtta Wagner says

    As a traditionalist, even though I’m an American, the Queen stands at the pinnacle of our social structure as her birthright, not because she was elected.

  127. avatarKatie G. says

    My favorite ‘memory’ of the Queen is watching her get her title. She was so graceful and it just shows so much about how tradition has been carried on. It also is cool to compare them to other coronations from more recent times.

  128. avatarDennis says

    The Queen has been able to raise herself above the miriad squabbles of the Empire and demonstrates diplomacy at its finest!

  129. avatarDiana Bode says

    All I can say is…look at the Queen’s RADIANCE; and it isn’t the jewels. What a perfect photo to put on the cover of the Diamond Jubilee issue.

  130. avatarmary says

    I have read so much about Queen Elizabeth, and I believe what I most admire is her steadfast determination and strength of character. Becoming a monarch requires absolute devotion to duty and Elizabeth has shown this time and time again. When other monarchs fell during the war and after, she held her country together. Never would she put her personal foibles before duty, never a breath of scandal about her, never would she stoop to discuss her marriage, how she may have had heartache. She does her duty, for her people always.

  131. avatarPat says

    The Queen is steadfast in her devotion to family and country. We need more people like her in public positions–she is a true role model for the world.

  132. avatarCorinne Scott says

    She’s quite remarkable at remaining on the throne so long. Can you imagine the changes she’s experienced since ascending the throne as a young lady and an officer’s wife? The world has certainly changed and the Queen has changed along with it. She has a great sense of tradition and yet is a modern monarch. I especially like seeing video of her with a great big smile and sometimes caught having a nice laugh. That only shows the human side of her.

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