Brit Food: Tyrrell’s Potato Chips (Crisps) Come to the USA – Win a 6 Month Supply!


Tyrrells Crisps have officially come stateside and to celebrate, we were sent their top flavors to taste test here in the Anglotopia office. At the end of the review, see instructions for your chance to win a 6 month supply of these delicious treats from Britain.

The Brits may call them crisps, the Americans call them potato chips, but I call Tyrrells Hand Cooked Chips simply delicious. We here at the Anglotopia offices were recently surprised with a giant box of crisps from Tyrrell’s. I won’t lie, I am not much of a crisp eater, however when I do travel to Britain, crisps are on my must eat list. I can’t explain why, they just seem to taste better over there. My real weakness is the salt and vinegar variety. I love the interesting flavored ones too, like prawns. I’ve never seen prawn flavored potato chips here in the United States.

So when I opened the box from Tyrrells my heart leapt with delight. Not only were there sea salt with apple cider vinegar chips but lots of other uniquely British combinations as well. In all we tried; Worcester sauce with Sun Dried Tomato, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, Beetroot with Parsnips and Carrots and Sea Salt Veggie Crisps, Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper, Mature Cheddar and Chives,  and of course classic Salted. All of these crisps were out of this world delicious!

It doesn’t get more English than Tyrrells – here’s a bit about their process:

We’re Tyrrells of Tyrrells Court Farm and we make fine English chips from local Herefordshire potatoes. We cook them by hand in small batches and we always leave the skin on. We reckon they’re rather special, but then we would, wouldn’t we? By far the best strategy is for you to grab a bag, dig in and see if you agree.

I can honestly say that these were some of the best crisps that I’ve ever had on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. The flavors were bold and super tasty. I also really liked that the crisps resembled a “kettle cooked” chip as we Americans say, meaning a thicker chip. I was expecting to find at least one bag that didn’t suit my fancy, but I was sorely mistaken. These crisps are like nothing else in the snack isle in the United States right now. I thought to myself that they are unique enough that the could even be served at a party. I highly recommend you give Tyrrells a try. I know this office will be buying more soon!

Now, to help celebrate the official US launch of Tyrrells Chips, we’re offering up a chance to win a 6 month supply of Tyrrells Crisps. You will receive 1 shipment a month for 6 months with the following flavors: Lightly Sea Salted, Mature Cheddar & Chive, Sweet Chili and Red Pepper, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato. Sounds like a tasty prize!

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below and tell us your favorite Tyrrells Crisp flavor! We will pick 1 lucky winner on Tuesday, February 12th 2013. This contest is only open to the USA. The winner will be contacted via email.

Check out the Tyrrell’s Facebook page and their website here.

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  1. avatarKate says

    Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar! I’ve always loved a good salt and vinegar chip, but the cider gives this a sweet undertone that I crave once in a while!

  2. avatarHeather says

    Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, definitely! Love the bold flavor. But I’ve really enjoyed the more unusual flavors of crisps I’ve tried before as well, the Worcester Sauce w/ Sundried Tomato sounds really yummy.

  3. avatarAshley says

    Definitely Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar! Salt and vinegar chips/crisps are so good I normally eat so many my tongue burns haha!

  4. avatarDeb says

    Mature Cheddar & Chive! Although, to be fair, I’ve only tried that one (favorite). :) Glad they’re comin’ to the U.S.

  5. avatarSara Z says

    The Worcester Sauce & Sundried Tomato are my favorite crisp. However, the Tyrrell’s Thai Chili Rice Crackers are amazing!

  6. avatarShawn Hart says

    Mature cheddar and chives sounds great. Have not tried any of these yet…look forward to trying them all.

  7. avatarTorrence says

    I LOVE CHEESE so the Cheddar and Chives would be all me. Licking my fingers when done, so YUM!!!!

  8. avatarAngela K. Marvin says

    I’ve never had them, but I would bet that Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar would be my favorite. I adore salt-and-vinegar crisps!

  9. avatarCarol Saunders says

    I had these crisp’s last time I was in England. I could not eat enough of them. They are so diffrent from american chips. I think I tried all the flavors, but my favorite was the sea salt and vinegar. My mouth is watering just thinking about these crisps.

  10. avatarBarbi says

    As much as love the salt and cider vinegar, my vote goes to the Beetroot with Parsnips and Carrots. It is the first bag I pick up at the local Sainsbury’s on my visits to England.

  11. avatarJames Linderholm says

    Mature Cheddar and Chives are the best! So hard to get good English cheddar over here – so this is the next best thing!

  12. avatarTina says

    Mature cheddar and chives. Definitely. They have Tyrells at my local Whole Foods and I love these crisps. They are absolutely worth every midwinter calorie that would be applied directly to my bottom. :)

  13. avatarAndrienne Filleaudeau says

    Big fan of them all but the Sea Salt and Vinegar have been the ones I’ve eaten the most!!

  14. avatarKathleen Conner says

    Mature Cheddar and Chives are my favorite.

    I remember trying these in england, and then we never ate anything else!

  15. avatarMarcia S says

    I’ve never had the opportunity to try Tyrrell’s but think I would expecially like the Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato variety.

  16. avatarDavid Joyner says

    I have not had the good fortune to try Tyrrell’s Crisps as yet, so I am sure any flavor would be a treat!

  17. avatarKaren Hartley says

    Classic flavor – salt & vinegar. Shame they didn’t stick to their roots and call them crisps. We Americans aren’t as sheltered as we used to be!

  18. avatarLee Ann says

    I’m always looking for a really good salt and vinegar crisp! The mature cheddar and chives sound fabulous too.

  19. avatarSTEPHEN TKACS says

    Wondering how different Tyrrell’s “crisps” could be from an American brand with the same seasoning … thicker … thinner … crisper ?

  20. avatarJessica Giles says

    I’ve never had a Tyrrell’s Potato crisp yet. But the Mature cheddar and chive sounds like one I’d really like to try (I’d like to try all of them as they all sound yummy, but this would be my first choice.)

  21. avatarDenise Wood says

    The Tai chili chips are by far my very favorite flavor! My husband is British,so we go to London every summer and bring home all the great flavors from England!

  22. avatarJohn Mroczkowski says

    Mature Cheddar and Chives is my favorite. Friends smuggled some for me and I just love them. Glad they are coming to the colonies.

  23. avatarSusan says

    Definately salt & vinegar. My celtic parents taught me to appreciatee vinegar on fish & chips from an early age. Now it’s a staple!

  24. avatarEmily Williams says

    Mature Cheddar and Chive! What says “Britain” more than cheddar? Cheese is a very Brtish staple, if you think about it! :-) And oh so YUMMY!!

  25. avatarLaura S says

    I have a British friend here in the US who longs for these. May (or may not) tell him about this contest. I would choose Sweet Chili & Red Pepper as my favorite flavor as I love all things spicy!

  26. avatarJanis W. says

    Sea salt and cracked black pepper. I have had these numerous times and LOVE them.But of course I am open to trying all of them! Really miss these things from home!.

  27. avatarblahblahx1 says

    I have been enjoying these very same crisps/chips while on vacation in the UK and will miss them on my return to the US.

  28. avatarLORI says

    Worcestershire and Tomato!!! The best! And I think that “Crisps” are a way better name than “Potato Chips”!

  29. avatarFrank Martin says

    Mature Cheddar and Chive sounds awsome. Ive never had these chips before but from the posts they sound amazing.

  30. avatarkaren transue says

    I have never had them have heard about them tho! would love to try any of those flavors!! I bet Kate is eating them :)

  31. avatarSamantha says

    Sea Salt and Vinegar is always my favorite. Although the red pepper ones sound pretty good too.

  32. avatarSandy says

    I’ve never tried them, but now that I know that Worcestershire sauce and sun dried tomato chips exist, I certainly want to.

  33. avatarChristina Wheeler says

    Love them all, but my all time fav has got to be Worcester Sauce and Sundried Tomato! Thanks for this wonderful contest!

  34. avatarPhil Brylowski says

    What? No prawn flavored chips? Still, the sea salt and cider vinegar make me think of fish and chips.

  35. avatarBrittany Tyrrell says

    Never had any, but they all sound tasty. Please consider giving this Tyrrell girl the chance to try! :-)

  36. avatarMartha Rhoades says

    I have never been fortunate enough to actually try Tyrell’s crisps, but the sound FABULOUS! I think I want to try the Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar the most.

  37. avatarBrittaney B says

    I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting Tyrell’s crisps, but I love, love potato chips, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper being one of my favorites.

  38. avatarMaddy says

    I would LOVE to try them all but the beetroot one has my interest the most :) Which stores are these in in the USA? If you send me a huge box I will give them to the buyers for the chain I work for :) I really miss my brit crisps :)

  39. avatarHeidi says

    I don’t have a favorite flavor yet b/c I have yet to try them but they are definitely going on my list! I want to try one of each!

  40. avatarEmma says

    Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar are a favorite, but want to try the Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato for sure!

  41. avatarBrian Rhodes says

    Hedgehog, but if that isn’t available I would have to go for the Chilli and Red Pepper. 😉

  42. avatarJean Sanders says

    I love the Lightly Sea Salted. Lightly salted with an air of a day at the seaside, without the sand, shingle or cold salt spray. Yumsters!

  43. avatarTisha says

    I haven’t had them but the Worcester Sauce & Sundried Tomato and the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar sound wonderful.

  44. avatarVictoria Vorlander says

    I love the Mature Cheddar and Chives and the Salt and Cider Vinegar take salt and vinegar on a new high, I haven’t tried the rest but will look for them

  45. avatarJewel says

    What, no Prawn flavoured? No Chicken Tikka?
    I guess I’d have to try the Mature Cheddar and Chives, then! :)

  46. avatarMike Bonk says

    O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see! And yet, to have ne’er seen a Tyrrells Crisp. I do not — can not — have a favorite. But in general, a good salt-and-vinegar crisp is hard to beat. If Tyrrells is indeed the best of the best, I WILL find them some day.

  47. avatarBev Tippett says

    Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper
    I’d love to try some of the other flavors…they look so good.

  48. avatarBritish American says

    Great prize! I bought a bag of Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato for Christmas Day and I did enjoy them. I bet I’d love the salt and vinegar too. Now you’ve made me want to go buy some more!

  49. avatarlisa says

    My top three would be:
    Lightly Sea Salted
    Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar
    Mature Cheddar & Chives

    But I have never had them before so I am excited to try it!

  50. avatar says

    I have never had the pleasure of trying Tyrrell’s Crisps – but I definitely will whenever I find them in a grocery here in the States. All the various varieties sound excellent! It would be hard to choose just one favorite. Thanks for sharing with your Yankee Cousins.

  51. avatarXymers says

    Having never had the opportunity to try them I’m gonna guess that Beetroot would tickle my fancy.

  52. avatarSandy O says

    Sea salt and cider vinegar please. I discovered this flavor in England and it has become one of my favorites.

  53. avatarSusan says

    I had the Lightly Sea Salt crisps last summer while we were visiting friends in Banbury. Delish!!!

  54. avatarsimon says

    I LOVE their parsnip flavoured crisps. Whenever I’m in the UK I pop down to Waitrose to get some!

  55. avatarJennifer says

    I have not tried these yet, so they are on my list for May. Based on the flavors listed, I will say Lightly Sea Salted.

  56. avatarLynette L. says

    I tired my first bag of Tyrrell’s which was the Sweet Chili and Red Pepper last May while visiting Dunham Massey in Altrincham. Very yummy flavor with a great crispy crunch- I’d love to try the other varieties!

  57. avatarCaren says

    Love the Worchestershire and sun dried tomato flavor. Having a six-month supply would be sterling, dearie! Great offer.

  58. avatarLorena says

    Mature Cheddar and Chive would be my first choice. However, the combinations of Worcestershire and sun-dried tomato and sea-salt and cider vinegar have really whet my appetite.

  59. avatarTom says

    I’ve yet to taste them, but the worcestershire sauce and sun dried tomato sounds interesting. That’s tom-AH-to not tom-AY-to I would imagine. Send me some.

  60. avatarJulia says

    The worcester sauce flavor sounds awesome. I’m going to go look for these. Hopefully they’ll have some curry flavored ones too!

  61. avatarHelen York says

    Oooo Put my name in for this one. You are right, I liked “crisps” better while I was in the UK, so if I get some and eat them HERE in the USA, I can finally figure out if the chips are really better or if it’s just theatmosphere that makes them taste so good!
    My favorite favor-so far! – is Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper!

  62. avatarCathleen Clark says

    The peppered kind is delish! We visit our friends in Leicester and every time we do, we go down to his corner shop and get the peppered ones. I really hope they bring that flavor to America!!

  63. avatarEtta Wagner says

    Whether you call them chips or crisps I’m addicted to them – Sea Salt Veggie Crisps interest me most since I just finished a package of “veggie chips” yesterday.

  64. avatar says

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried Tyrrell’s Crisps, but I read over the list of flavors on their website, and the one I’d most like to try is Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar. I love “standard” salt and vinegar chips, and I’m not sure what the difference is between “regular” vinegar and Cider Vinegar, but it sounds delish!

  65. avatarOBryan Hairston says

    Never tried them before. But, as an Anglophile, the Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato ones sound delicious.

  66. avatarVinnie says

    These crisps look extremely delicious and ingredients are making them full of delicious possibilities. Can’t wait to get hold of these.

  67. avatarRay says

    Blow me down! This is wonderful news! (its about time we have some /crisp/ occupying our aisles) Sea salt & Cider vinegar….I think yes!