Book Review: The London Taxi – Shire Books – by Nick Georgano and Bill Munro

Every London tourist knows that if you want the best ride around London – and quickest – you hail one of London’s iconic Black Cabs. But how did they end up black and iconic to begin with?

The London Taxi by Nick Georgano and Bill Munro expertly explains all the history you could possibly want to know about London’s Black Taxi fleet.

Like similar Shire Books titles, The London Taxi is a quick and breezy read filled to the brim with everything you could possibly want to know about the London Taxi. It traces it’s history from it’s origins as London’s first electric cabs and horseless carriages all the way to the modern day models.

There’s a lot of interesting history there and it’s all on display for enquiring minds. The book traces its roles during both World Wars, changes post war and modern developments all the way to today.

As expected from Shire Books, the book is easy to read and filled with tons and tons of images, pictures and graphics all related to this fascinating history. The book also delves into the history of regulation of cabs (did you know they were run by the police first?) as well as cabbie culture.

All in all – this is a fascinating little book and I’d highly recommend it if you have an interest in London’s transport history.

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