Brit Knits: An Amazing Queen Stamp from the Illusion Knitters!

They’ve done it again! Steve Plummer and Pat Ashforth have created another amazing work of art with illusion knitting. This time their subject was none other than Her Majesty’s postage stamp. They are also responsible for the famous Harry Potter shawl that was featured on Anglotopia a few months ago. When I interviewed them about the new work this is what the amazingly talented pair had to say.

“We had been looking, earlier in the year, at creating illusions depicting national symbols and had completed designs for cushions showing the English Rose, the Welsh Daffodil, the Irish Shamrock and the Scottish Thistle as well as completing a design for a Fleur de Lis. All of these designs were of cushion size but could equally well have been put together to form a larger item such as a bed cover or wall hanging.”

More recently we have been looking at extending the range of these designs by including works based on flags and postage stamps.

The first class stamp showing the head of Queen Elizabeth II seemed very appropriate and iconic, particularly in her Diamond Jubilee year. Check out the video below showing the changes that the viewer sees as they move past the design or the design is moved in front of them. This video is very much better than still photographs to show the effects of an illusion knit.

The piece measures approximately 32 inches high by 27 inches wide and is designed to be viewed from the side as a wall hanging.

I have attached a couple of higher resolution photographs, the second being the piece viewed from directly in front.

Further insights into and photographs of our mathematical work can be found by following this link to our Woolly Thoughts web-site…

…and on the illusion knitting site here.

The patterns for all of our pieces can be found by accessing the order form from the Woolly Thoughts web-site.

Very cool stuff! Thanks so much for sharing guys!

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