Brit Knits: Wonderfully Warm Knitted Welly Walking Socks!

As the weather turns a little colder and wetter in much of the world, wellies will be out in full force. If you are a loyal wellie wearer then you will know while they may be the most practical shoe ever. However most wellies that you can find here in the U.S. lack one important thing, insulation. If you don’t have a good pair of wellie socks, your toes will be numb if you wear them in the colder weather. So what is the fashionable girl to do: wellie socks of course! I recently came across a fantastic knitting pattern for beautiful wellie socks. Not only are these socks functional but they are super cute and the pattern looks relatively easy. I interviewed  Andrea recently and this is what she had to say about learning to knit.

“I started knitting in summer of 2010. I think I remember maybe knitting 3 rows as a kid when my mom tried to teach me but it didn’t stick. We cloth diaper and I was always seeing pictures of babies in beautiful knit wool pants (called longies) used as diaper covers. I quickly decided I NEEDED some longies for my daughter. I have a friend that knits, and she convinced me that I could learn to knit and make my own.

Off I went to and youtube and I quickly became obsessed. I bought a generic pair of circs and a ball of sock yarn (at the time I had no idea there were different sized needles and different weight yarns!) and learned to knit and purl.

I did a bunch of research, joined ravelry, bought a pattern, bought the materials and some patons worsted weight yarn and started knitting. That first pair of longies took me about 4 weeks to complete, and they were HORRIBLE! I was learning techniques as I came to them in the pattern, so many mistakes we made.

By Christmas of that year I had knit 6 pairs of longies and 6 sweaters! I was hooked!”

I asked her how she came up with her pattern and this is what she said,

“One day my mom and i were tlaking and she mentioned a pair of “boot socks” her friend carol had. Carols husband is from England and they had picked them up on a trip there. She explained that they had a big cabled cuff and carol wore them in her rubber boots on the farn.

I searched and searched for “boot socks” but could find nothing like it. Finally i did a Google search for English boot socks and came across a pair of Welly Socks in a UK shop.

I finally had an idea to work with and I started knitting.

I knit my mom a pair and she loved them so I knit another pair and wrote it down as I went.”

Andrea described the pattern for us,

“My Wonderfully Warm Welly Walking Socks are meant to b big enough to fit over regular sock and pants, and then to be worn inside rubber boots for warmth, The patter is very easily customizable if someone wanted a snugger fit, less calf shaping, more length, etc. The could also be knit with thinner yarn and some simple math to make a knee high stocking version. ON top of that, one could omit the foot and just make a stylish legging for inside fashion boots!”

Not only are these wellie socks super cute, they would make an awesome present for the holidays.If you would like to make your very own pair of Andrea’s wellie socks you can find her pattern on Ravelry.
If you would you know of a Brit Knit that you would like tot see featured, please comment and let us know!

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  1. avatarKathy says

    Thank you so much for this interview of Andrea. My English mum knitted beautifully. I too only managed to knit a few rows of something-or-other when I was younger. Earlier this week, after sorting through some sweaters and vests my mum had made for me and my children, I got it into my head that I should learn to knit (I am now 60). Where to start? This article has given me encouragement and a good nudge in that direction, with the help of the web sites mentioned. Who knows, maybe I’ll knit some Welly socks one day!