British Airways: BA Releases Interesting New London 2012 Commercial

Our friends at British Airways have launched a new commercial in the UK – this time featuring their jets exploring Britain’s sites instead of flying around the world.

The campaign is encouraging people to stay at home during the Olympics to boost Team GB instead of flying abroad. It’s rather bizarre to see a company discourage people from using its product.

That said – it’s a really cool commercial!

Check it out below:

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  1. avatarSusan Pearson says

    This is a fantastic commercial. Congrats to BA for promoting London. They are so smart to recognize that if they celebrate what London has to offer……It will come back to them ten fold. My daughter will be there for 6 weeks during the Olympics… I can hardly wait to hear all about her adventure. I love The UK and love BA!

    Susan Pearson, Mooretown, Ontario, Canada