British Government Begins Process to Change the Royal Line of Succession

I’m not sure why British Prime Minister David Cameron is spending valuable political capital on this when it has a huge liklihood of failing – but he’s going ahead with it none the less.

Multiple outlets are now reporting that’s he’s written to the heads of the 15 Commonwealth countries that use the Queen as their Head of State to let them know that they want to change the Royal Line of Succession.

The big change is that they want to remove the built in sex discrimination so that a first born daughter of Will & Kate could inherit the throne rather than be skipped over for a younger brother based on primogeniture. They also want to remove the ban that says the Heir can’t marry a Catholic and also remove the requirement for descendants of George II to ask the Queen permission to marry (there are hundreds now).

The only problem with all of this – which sounds perfectly reasonable on paper – is that they’ll have to change or alter at least a dozen acts of Parliament, some dating back 4-500 years. On top of that, they’ll need to get all the Commonwealth countries with the Queen as their Head of State to all do exactly the same thing through their individual Parliaments.

Quite an undertaking.

If any of of them refuse to do it (and they very well might) then the whole process will collapse. The Queen has given her approval to the updates.

It will be very interesting to see how it all turns out. This process will take years.

And we’ll cover it the entire way.

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