British Man to Travel Across America and Visit Every Town Named Manchester

A British man named Pete Johnson from Manchester, England – having a bit of a mid-life crisis – has decided to travel across North America and visit every town named Manchester.

According to the BBC:

Pete Johnson, 53, from Sale will criss-cross the United States by motorbike, starting in Massachusetts and finishing in California.

On the way, he will cross mountain ranges and deserts, a journey he’s described as a “dream come true”.

The self-employed plasterer is due to return to the UK on 14 June.

Mr Johnson – a keen motorcyclist and proud Mancunian – said he got the idea browsing the web.

“About three years ago, I discovered through the internet that there were 36 towns called Manchester in the world and 32 of them were in the States.

“Being a motorcyclist and in my mid-life crisis and all that, I decided it would be a good idea [to visit them].”

The bike he will be using – a Honda Goldwing 1800 cruising bike – has been shipped out to Boston where his epic journey will begin.

“The first Manchester is actually Manchester-by-the-sea which is 30 miles north-east from Boston,” he said.

You can follow his journey on his blog here at United States of Manchester.

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  1. avatar says

    You do realise that a guy from Liverpool travelled to all the Liverpool’s in the world a few years back?
    Just another example of how Liverpool makes innovations that others want to copy.

    I mean this in jest and wish the guy all the best on his travels. If he stops by Manchester, NJ – which his itinerary does not list – i’ll be sure to show his hospitality.