Christmas: Top Ten British Christmas Gifts for the Anglophile in Your Life From

Do you have an Anglophile in your life? Speaking as the wife of a consummate Anglophile I know how tricky holiday shopping can be. This year why not get that special person a gift that cold be found under just about any Christmas tree in Britain? I have put together a short list of unique gifts sure to spark the love of Britain in any receiver. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Brown Betty Tea Pot

This is a wonderful Christmas gift that is sure to bring cheer to the recipient year round. I use my teapot on a regular basis and absolutely adore it. I received one of mine as a gift and lovingly think of the giver every time I use it.

Hunter’s Wellies

Not only are Hunter’s Wellies incredibly fashionable, but they are a really functional shoe as well. Jon bought me a pair of these exact boots almost three years ago and they are still going strong. I wear them year round, to garden, through the snow, and obviously through the rain. These are by far my favorite shoes.

England Jersey (Away Match)

This would make an awesome gift for any Anglophile in your life. Help them route for their favorite football team by wearing the team jersey proudly. You can also find the jersey in white (when England is playing at home).

Walkers Imported Scottish Pure Butter Assorted Shortbread Cookies

Do you want Santa to leave you extra presents this year? I know how to go about getting the jolly guy to do it, leave some of the heavenly cookies out for him. Walkers shortbread are so good they’re addictive. They melt in your mouth and go wonderfully with a hot cup of tea.

Bill Bryson’s Notes From A Small Island

By far the best book written about Britain in the past 30 years. This is the unofficial Anglophile bible.  This would make an awesome gift for anyone wanting learn about or already having a passion for the UK.

Shaun The Sheep

Shaun the sheep, from the critically acclaimed Wallace and Gromit is by far my favorite character. We introduced our son to the Shaun the Sheep cartoon series and he absolutely loved it. Santa will certainly be leaving a shivering Shaun the sheep for him!

Christmas Crackers

No Anglophile’s Christmas is complete without traditional Christmas crackers. We always share our around Christmas dinner and “pop” ours holding crossed arms. There are many types of crackers that will add to your holiday.

Love Actually

In the Anglotopia offices, this is the ultimate British holiday movie! We start every Christmas season off by watching this heart warming movie. Any lover of all things British will love this film.

British Music

There is lots of excellent British music out there. I am late to the Mumford & Sons fan group, but I absolutely adore this album.

A Trip To the UK

Want to give the ultimate gift to your favorite Anglophile? Why  not give them a plane ticket to the UK? I did this for the first Christmas Jon and I had as a married couple. I put a Union Jack flag in a box and taped the plane ticket to the inside of the box. I would suggest, like I did, pulling out the video camera for the opening of this gift.

A British Airways Plane Ticket

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