Christmas: John Lewis Releases New Tear-Jerker 2013 Christmas Advert

They’ve done it again. John Lewis has managed to make a grown man tear up, as they do every year.

For those that aren’t familiar with John Lewis, there a somewhat posh department store in the UK – it’s an aspirational brand – like Macy’s. Every year they release a new commercial for Christmas that tells a small story and it’s usually touching in some way. The advert never sells anything, which is what is so refreshing about them.

They hit the ball out of the park this year.

This year’s advert tells the story of a hare and a bear who are best friends (I’m looking forward to the inevitable internet parody where the bear eats the hare at the end).

Here is last year’s video if you’re curious:


  1. avatarMatthew says

    Cute ad! Looks just like a Disney cartoon. (Only thing’s missing is the princess!)

    PS: Isn’t that Lily Allen singing the cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Go? Sounds an awful lot like her.

      • avatarYorkshire Lass says

        If you want to see a Christmas advert that sums up a typical British christmas especially through a mums (moms) eyes then Google “Asda christmas advert 2012″ as a British mum myself it always made me chuckle last year! (asda is the British version of Walmart by the way) :)

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