Cool Pictures: Pictures from the Battle of Britain

Over at The Atlantic, their photoblog In Focus is running a 20 part retrospective on World War II and this week they’ve covered the Battle of Britain with a ton of beautiful big black and white pictures from the era.

Definitely worth a look!

Check them all out here.

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  1. avatarSue says

    Great pictures but the heavy bombing of Britain during the war was called the Blitz, not the Battle of Britain, which is the term used for the struggle the Royal Airforce had stopping the Luftwaffe wiping out the RAF and its airfields. If the Luftwaffe could gain air superiority they could then go on the invade. The Battle of Britain took place during the summer and early autumn of 1940 and was strictly between the two airforces. The pictures and captions in the magazine seem to indicate that this has not been properly understood and indeed some comments on their website are of a similar nature to mine.