Details on Bill Bryson’s Latest Book: At Home – Interviews, Videos and Excerpts Inside

Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors. I admire him greatly as he is pretty much living the Anglophile dream. He’s made a life for himself in the UK, becoming one of their most treasured writers. It’s been a couple years since his last book – but he’s been working on At Home, which was just released last week in the UK (it comes out in the USA this fall).

At Home is about the home. Starting in his old Rectory in Norfolk, England, Bryson goes through every room in the home charting the unknown and interesting history of everything in our homes.

He’s been making the publicity rounds and there’s a lot of links to there.

Bill Bryson: The secret life of your home – From the Guardian, this is a summary with excerpts from his new book.

Bill Bryson: the history of the toilet – Another Excerpt From the Guardian about the history of the Toilet.

Bill Bryson: The story of the electric light – Another Excerpt from the Guardian, this time about the history of the lightbulb.

At Home – Audio Extract and Interview – The Sunday Times have an excerpt from the Audio version of At Home and they also have a great interview with Bryson. You have to register for a free account (free for 30 days) to the Times to view it, unfortunately.

Video Interview Hay Festival – Bryson made an appearance at the Hay Literary Festival this past weekend and was interviewed about the prospect of taking British Citizenship. You can view a clip of it here. Also, in this writeup – he lets us all know that he will be rooting for England in the World Cup, not the USA.

Here’s a cute trailer for At Home:

You can buy At Home Now from Amazon UK or you can wait until the fall when it will be released in the USA on October 5th 2010.

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