From Mental Floss: What to do when you meet the Queen

All right, someone has finally clarified the correct protocol for meeting the Queen. The cool guys over at Mental Floss have put together a great guide to the rules you should follow if you’re lucky enough to meet the Queen.

From the post:

Firstly, don’t speak until you’re spoken to. But after that, when you meet the Queen, it is customary to address her as “Your Majesty” at first, “Ma’am” thereafter, and then, “Your Majesty” again upon taking your leave.

To Curtsey or not Curtsey?

Citizens of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries, upon meeting the Queen, should, in the case of men, give a short bow from the head and shoulders, or, in the case of women, curtsey. But as Americans, because of that whole Revolution thing, we don’t have to bow or curtsey – a gentle handshake will do just fine.

Overall it’s a very interesting post. Read the whole post on Meeting the Queen here.

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