Fun Video: The Geography of the United Kingdom and Britain Explained

This is a question we get a lot – and a lot of people, even ardent lovers of Britain don’t quite understand the minute details.

But here’s an excellent video that summarizes all the geography tidbits there is to know out the UK and Britain.

Thanks to Neatorama for showing it first.

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  1. avatarJenny Banks says

    This video is excellent except for one thing—it is NOT true that the people of the four countries of the United Kingdom do not like each other!
    We like each other.

    • avatarM. Day says

      Pretty sure he was referencing the joking that happens between the countries, like people in America make jokes about the south being nothing but a bunch of inbreds, England makes jokes about Wales (referenced in the video) spending too much time with their sheep, the Scottish as being unruly savages, and the reverse would be the English as tea drinking posh gits who love the Queen (despite coming from the Scottish side of the royal gene pool), but all sides know this isn’t true and racism here is a completely foreign concept and it’s considered, in British humour, perfectly acceptable (in my opinion as well) to joke about cultural differences so long as it’s only joking.