Happy Birthday Your Majestry!

The Queen’s Birthday is today – her actual birthday – though it’s officially celebrated in June. She is now 83 years young.

I really admire The Queen – she is a very inspiring and calming figure. Britain is very lucky to have her.

The Daily Beast has a very thoughtful article reflecting on the Queen and her reign by Robert Lacey – The Queen’s Biographer.

From the Article:

What a cool, unemotional creature she is, yet what torrents of love Elizabeth II generates!

It is one of the strengths of Elizabeth II that she has never tried to be trendy. No mini-skirts for her in the swinging ’60s. She has stuck to the things in which she believes: doing her duty, the tenets of her unquestioning Anglican faith—and her dogs. Patricia Mountbatten once wrote to console her cousin and friend on the loss of a much-loved corgi, to receive by return screeds of hand-written, emotion-filled pages—rather more numerous and laden with feeling, Lady Mountbatten was forced to concede, than she had received about the tragic death of her father, Dickie, at the hands of the IRA.

The queen’s husband, Prince Philip (Dickie’s nephew), has always been her rock. Last week, the prince became Britain’s longest-ever serving consort to a monarch, notching up 57 years and 71 days, thus passing the record set by poor Queen Charlotte, whose fate was to be married to the mad King George III. Elizabeth was only 13 years old when she set eyes on Philip, a dashing young naval cadet at Dartmouth Royal Naval College, and the cautious young woman fell instantly in love with him. Their partnership has been another paradox—in public he defers to her; in private she defers to him—and another secret of her monarchy’s extraordinary survival. They are a thinking and creative couple, who between them have regenerated an institution that many thought would not outlive the 20th century.

Read the rest of Robert Lacey’s Article Here.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty – may you have many more to come!

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  1. avatar says

    ”God Save the Queen”
    A poem written by
    Mostafa Youssef
    (Appointed to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

    Shall I love you more than heaven
    and praise you till eternity ?
    as you are more splendid
    and it’s nothing compared to your beauty

    God fix your royal highness in my heart
    By your blessings shall we have a start
    On your birthday may I send you a tart
    prepared with appreciation
    doughed with admiration
    cooked with passion
    and sealed with adoration
    Only for you ..
    as a perfect example for our lord’s creation

    Along your vast lands
    to the sky we raise our hands
    and chant and sing
    \Send her victorious ..
    Happy and glorious\
    Even in the dark times
    and you are a lioness in the war ..
    We sing our hymns
    and god’s mercy be pleased to pour

    That’s not only in our town
    which is loyal to your majesty
    But for the lands of your crown
    that illuminate your Elizabethan dynasty
    From Churchill to Tony Blair
    From Buckingham to Soho square
    You will always be there
    and show that about us you care

    I haven’t seen something like your feminine glory
    Really unique .. Absloutely rare
    It can be a plot for a marvellous story
    like an exquisite aroma in the air
    Your ancestor haven’t ever brought such a devotional grace
    for the house of Windsor
    Since your noble vows that are eternally fair

    As long as I am alive
    I will say it again
    and I know it is not in vain
    In my heart and soul you fit in
    you deserve a kind of verse
    by humans can’t be written
    and your charm shall never be hidden
    as you are a synonym of Great Britain

    I know .. It’s time
    To say that your royal highness is sublime
    and your noble crown will ever glitter in the sunshine
    while your grace are quite devine
    and your wonderous smile is very nice
    that it doesn’t worth the world’s price
    Oh, that is since many years ago…
    I doubt if anyone wouldn’t know

    So long the moon and the sun could rise and set
    My tremendous love to thee would never be less a bit

    No one can dare
    say to me \Don’t care\
    But I will always be proud
    and express my infinite fancy
    and make it concise .. precise
    in the queenly phrase
    \God save the Queen\

  2. avatarBill P says

    British people like to sneer at the Royal family but they dont usually have the same venom for the Queen. You have to be getting on for retirement to remember a time when she wasn’t Britains head of state and I think most Brits see her as part of the furniture and take her completely for granted. When she does go you watch the shock and outpouring that there will be. She represents Britain’s last link with another age and I think it will be more traumatic than people suspect.