Anglophile 101: How to read the London Sunday Times in the USA


My of my favorite things to do while traveling in Britain is to enjoy Sunday Breakfast with the Sunday Times. For those that don’t know, the Times is London’s paper of record (like the New York Times in NY). During the week, the Times is just a regular paper. But on Sunday it becomes this massive beast of a newspaper with hundreds of articles with tons of features. It’s a joy to read. It provides an excellent insight into the pulse of Britain.

For years it hass been impossible to get the paper in the USA. It used to be available on newsstands but it hasn’t been for a very long time.

But thanks to the advent of the internet – there are several ways you can still read the paper in America.

Make a Friend in the UK

This method has worked for us for several years. We have a good friend in the UK who will occasionally send us the Times in a ‘UK Care Package.’ Shipping time makes some of the news stales but it’s still a joy to read and I look forward to my shipments every month. Consider offering your friend in the UK money to reimburse them for the shipping costs as the paper is very heavy and expensive to ship. There’s nothing like actually holding the newspaper in your hands and having the ink rub off on your fingers.

Order it Online

The British Online Supermarket sells current British Newspapers. They charge the same rate you’d pay on the British newsstand, but you have to pay shipping which can be a little hefty. Be sure to order a couple days before the weekend so you get the latest issue.

Check out the website here

Read it on the Kindle

The Sunday Times is available to read on the Kindle e-reading device. It’s pretty basic (as the device is B&W) but you get all the great articles and all the sections of the newspaper. I read it this way for a few months and it was enjoyable. Amazon offers a monthly subscription for $14.99 but this is for daily issues. If you have a Kindle, you can actually buy single issues right on the device from the Amazon store. This is the way we recommend – then it’s only $0.79 to read the issue.

Read it on the iPad or Android Tablet

This is now our preferred method. If you have an iPad, you can now read the Sunday Time, in full color right on the iPad. They sell the entire issue as it would appear in print. The quality is excellent and my new favorite thing is to sit down with a cup of tea and make my way through the Sunday paper (it takes several hours to read it completely). It’s only $3.99 for an issue. It’s a great deal! They also have extras in the app like videos related to the articles and special pictures. It’s a joy to read.

Get the Free App Here

You can also read it on Android Tablets

What’s your favorite section in the Sunday Times?

Also, if you’re looking for a good resource directory of all things British, check out

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  1. avatarRobbie says

    Coming late to this article, but I just want to add a couple of corrections.

    (a) Although the Times is edited and printed in London, it’s a national paper, not a London paper.

    (b) The Times is certainly not the “paper of record” for London, England, or Britain. It’s merely one newspaper among many, and deserves (and gets) no special respect.

    There are roughly five serious national newspapers in Britain. They’re still called broadsheets, although most are no longer produced in broadsheet format. Readers select a paper mainly along political lines:
    Daily Telegraph / Sunday Telegraph (right)
    Times / Sunday Times (centre-right)
    Independent / Independent on Sunday (centre-left)
    Guardian / Observer (left)
    Financial Times (specialised for financial and business news, politically central, economically somewhat liberal)