London 2012: Swap a home for the Olympics Instead of Staying in a Hotel

Home Base Holidays is advising visitors planning to come to Britain for the London 2012 Games, and who don’t want to pay for accommodation, to start holiday planning soon.

The company has been helping organise home exchange holidays since 1985, and says it can take six to 12 months to arrange an international home swap, especially when visitors are planning to travel for a major event. Home Base offers home exchanges in Britain and worldwide, and has a wide range of accommodation in London including luxury houses, city apartments and a houseboat on the Thames.

Home exchange works on mutual trust. By staying in a private home visitors have the chance to experience a local neighbourhood, often with a ready-made social network of neighbours on hand. ‘Children Welcome’ homes are flagged up on the website.

Anyone can view the Home Base website to see the homes offering holiday swaps. A membership fee is payable to access contact information about the homes. Members make their own arrangements between themselves. Membership costs £29 for one year, £39 for two years.

Home Base Holidays, 7 Park Avenue, London N13 5PG
Tel:+44 20 8886 8752
Facebook: Home Base Holidays
Twitter: homeexchangeuk

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  1. avatar says

    Home Exchange is a great way to holiday and more and more of us are doing
    it, from all different walks of life and age groups. It may not suit everyone but it is said if you try it once you will do it again and I agree with that.

    We offer three types, the normal swap at the same time, a Non-simultaneous
    Exchange when you swap at different dates and Hospitality Exchange which is
    when you stay with your swap partner and then they reciprocate later.

    Have a look at some Home Exchange websites and see what is on offer. Some
    sites are good, some not so, some are free and some charge, although I think
    too much at times. Some exchangers also sign up with more than one website,
    which I also recommend.

    If you have any questions please have a look at our Q&A page which may help
    you with some of them.

    However you vacation, enjoy your travels.

    Brian Luckhurst from Home Exchange 50plus

  2. avatar says

    Hi there!

    We have done numerous home exchanges to date. Home exchanging has allowed us to save on accommodation costs, car rental expenses, and restaurant meals…

    Other benefits include the friends that we have made. We have stayed in touch with most of the people we exchanged with. And have also visited with them years later. Families with children also benefit from having a whole house rather than a single room for the duration for the holiday. We often swap with other families, which usually means our kids have new toys to play with during the holiday.

    For anyone serious about trying this out, we strongly recommend that you join a reputable home exchange club. There are numerous clubs you can join, but one that has worked out really well for us is

    Finding a home exchange may require some effort but we have always found that it has been well worth it.

    Good luck!