Prince Harry Arrives in the USA for Military Training

Prince Harry has set foot in the USA for further military training so he can qualify as an Apache pilot. This will be a low-key work visit but I’m sure we’ll get some tabloid gossip of him partying in Vegas if he goes on leave.

According to the Telegraph:

The Prince, 27, will take part in live-firing exercises for the first time as he flies over the vast military ranges of southern California and Arizona during Exercise Crimson Eagle.

For the next two months he will be based at Naval Air Facility El Centro, near the Mexican border, which was used as a location for the Tom Cruise film Top Gun.

Since April the Prince has been taking part in an Apache Conversion to Role course but has not so far had the opportunity to fire live weapons.

The intensive training at El Centro and at Gila Bend Auxiliary Air Force Base in Arizona will give him the chance to fire the Apache’s hellfire missiles, rockets and 30mm cannon in hot desert conditions similar to those in Afghanistan.

When he finishes the course he will be assigned to an Apache squadron with 16 Air Assault Brigade and await deployment to Afghanistan.


Welcome to the USA Your Royal Highness – I hope you enjoy your stay!



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