Public Service Graphic: Guide to British Tea Drinking Etiquette

As we snuggle up for Christmas and brew copious amounts of tea while we’re in England, this little guide to tea drinking etiquette is rather helpful.



Source: Penhaligon’s in London

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  1. avatarJohn Evans says

    Not dunk a biscuit? The biscuit dunking is half the fun of a tea break! (Especially if it’s a chocolate digestive.)

  2. avatarEmily Mohr says

    I recently read an article that says you are not supposed to put your pinky out.

    “No, it isn’t good etiquette to point your pinkie, or little finger, anywhere at all when drinking tea. It is considered bad manners. Put your index finger through the handle up to the second joint,your thumb outside the handle, while your second finger helps support the handle from underneath.Just let your third (ring finger) and fourth (little finger or pinkie) fingers rest naturally without pointing them anywhere.” ~

    While that quote was taken from wiki the original article I read said approximately the same thing.

  3. avatarAndy Humm says

    This doesn’t settle the dispute over milk first or later. I would never add milk until the tea is brewed, such as when making a single cup. But when I brew a pot, i put the milk in the cup first and then the brewed tea. It creates a maltier flavor. Or maybe I’m imagining things….

    • avatarTrina Bomm says

      Apparently the milk was poured in first to save the inferior china of the working class from cracking due to the heat of the tea. No need to do this for the fine china of the “upper classes”.

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