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  1. avatarSusan Bickta says

    At last!!! I’m sure the Duchess is happy to get on with it!! Best wishes to the soon to be mommy and daddy. Wish I could be in London right now!!!

  2. avatarKathy Davis says

    Was hoping it would have happened last week while I was home visiting family….oh well, hope she is doing well. Keeping tuned to tv phone and ipad for the news.

  3. avatarApril says

    Jonathan! Thanks so much for posting this live blog-it was such a treat to be “in the know” all day long! I actually posted the news as my FB status as soon as you told us, and a friend in ENGLAND wrote to say she heard about the news from ME and my post! Ironic ; ) Great fun, thanks so much! Wonderfully happy day for Wills and Kate!