Royal Round Up 2-1-12: Camilla Cooks; Airmiles Andy; Celebrate the Jubilee and Win

Andrew’s Air Miles Still Accumulating

Despite giving up his role as a special trade envoy several months ago, Prince Andrew is still making trips abroad on business.

It should not be unusual for the Prince – who is the Duke of York and the second son of the Queen – to perform duties representing Her Majesty, but Andrew’s track record of late has been suspect.

The Duke previously held the position as the UK’s Special Representative for International Trade and Investment. His years as a representative for his nation and his regal mother seemed to be for naught when it was revealed that the Duke was consorting with convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew’s business connections with dictators such as the late Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, among others, also brought a torrent of criticism down on the Duke’s head.

Although Andrew stepped down as a “special” representative, it seems he is continuing as a regular business envoy and has undertaken 17 engagements in Saudi Arabia and China for UK Trade and Investment.

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Camilla Cooks for the Queen

Cook for The Queen is the Duchess of Cornwall’s special tribute to her sovereign and mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II.

In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Duchess has organized the event with British Food Fortnight, inviting “all schools in the UK to create a special menu featuring recipes that celebrate the best of British to be served to The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall at a reception at Buckingham Palace in June”. The contest is for children ages 10 – 15.

Republicans are a bit put out by all of this.

The anti-monarchy group, Republic, have warned the participating schools that they might be breaking the law by taking part in the contest.

Graham Smith, head honcho of Republic, gripes that involving the children in celebrations of the monarchy without giving equal time to republicanism is a breach of the Education Act.


Celebrate the Jubilee with Mandy’s British Royalty

In a move that will undoubtedly annoy Graham Smith, American royalist Mandy Littlefield is aiming to take her fondness of the monarchy and bring it to people everywhere through her show, RoyaltyNow!.

To make it the best show ever, Mandy is holding a fundraiser in the hope of traveling to London to film footage of celebrations and interviews during the Jubilee blowout in June. With your kind donations – not to mention awesome prizes in return for your generosity – you can help make her project a reality.

For more information on the great prizes you will receive, click here.

Thank you to all who donate! :)

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