The Most Peaceful Place on Earth

The Washington Times recently featured an article that caught my attention. It was a report on a study of the most peaceful countries on the world.

What were the criteria?

From the Article:

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace that rated the relative tranquility of 144 nations according to 23 “indicators” – including gun sales, the number of homicides, the size of the military, the potential for terrorism and the number of people in jail.

The index defined peace as “the absence of violence,” and so far, things are a little dicey. Violence and instability have increased, respect for human rights has decreased. The researchers also calculated that the world’s nations have collectively lost close to $8 trillion due to the complications of widespread violence.

So, what is the most peaceful country on Earth? Well, it’s not Britain and it’s certainly not the USA (which places 83rd).

The answer is:

New Zealand

Yes, the land of Hobbits and Kiwis is officially the most peaceful country in the world.

Not only does New Zealand have all the benefits of an English speaking country, it’s also incredibly beautiful with an open society. And they don’t spend a lot of energy trying to kill each other.

Sounds rather nice.

Read the rest of the Article here.

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  1. avatar says

    There are only a few places I’d consider leaving the UK for… Canada and New Zealand! The 2 islands of NZ (conveniently named North and South Island) are quite different too and I imagine they’re talking about the South Island which I’ve heard is more secluded (thus = peaceful!)

  2. avatarjk says

    Unbeknown to most is NZ has a very violent side and that is the Maori/Pakia local/white thing which is as violent as it gets. The Maori are naturally aggressive and the whites are Scot, Irish and English and are all natural born brawlers.

    I lived there for 5 years around some of the most violent guys I have ever met, tough, able and ready to fire up in a minute. There are more guys in NZ with steel plates in their heads because pipes and clubs are not out of the question, and they are proud of it.

    Hey, they play crash which is Rugby on concrete and they start the kids on this when they are 4 years old stick a beer in their hands when they are 12 and the Kiwis all know I am telling the truth.

    Anyone ever see “Once Were Warrirors” ?