Video: A Very Short History of the Union Flag (Union Jack)

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Our latest t-shirt over at Anglotees features the British flag, also known as the Union Flag or as it is colloqially known when it’s flown at sea – the Union Jack.

Many people have been wondering the history behind the flag so we found a very short little video that puts it as simply as possible. Check it out below:

Usually the number one question that follows this is where is Wales on the flag? Simply put, it’s not. Wales was always considered a Principality and was technically part of England, so it’s recognized in the Cross of St George part of the flag.

If Scotland votes to leave the UK later this year, it’s highly likely that will change and Britain will get a new flag.


Until then, there’s still five days left to get our Vintage Union Flag T-shirt.


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  1. avatarCathy Silcox says

    Really enjoyed the video about the “Union Jack” and the Great Britan video…although I will admit it went a bit too fast for me to absorbe it all! Will have to watch it a few more times. Thank you for all these informative posts!

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