Weird Britain: Britain’s Knitted Village

At first sight, this looks like a classic British village. There’s a beautiful two pubs, a shop, a school, a village hall, a huge Georgian manor house with landscaped gardens, cricket pitch and dozens of red-brick cottages with gardens in full bloom and vegetable patches bursting with cabbages, cauliflowers and sweet peas.

There’s even a cricket pitch, with a match in full flow and the offside stump leaning drunkenly to one side after a particularly unplayable spinner.

But on closer inspection, things don’t look quite right. The fielders are a bit wobbly in the leg department and the chimneys are wonky – In fact, the whole thing looks rather, well . . . home-made. Which is no surprise, because every inch of this village – Mersham, in Kent – has been lovingly knitted by a small group of very twinkly ladies who started 23 years ago with a couple of cottages and some pigs, and ended up creating more than 60 properties, complete with wheelie bins, outdoor loos, gas tanks, cars in the driveways and even a smart red telephone box.

It all started in 1986 when afew ladies from the Mersham Afternoon Club had a bit of time and a few balls of wool on their hands.


  1. avatar says

    Fantastic! Trust me, knitters knit FAR weirder things than charming English villages. I won’t mention some of the body parts (inside and out) that you can actually get patterns for. Thatched roof cottages beat reproductive organs any day. :-)

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