Win the Lottery Lately? Then You Could Have the Chance to Own a Devon Seaside Village


If you have a few Pounds to spare, a magnificent real estate opportunity has come onto the market – you have the chance to buy an entire seaside village in Devon, England. It’s been in the same family for generations but after disputes with the locals, it has been put up for sale.

The entire South Devon hamlet of Bantham is going on the market on this week, complete with beach, boathouses, golf course and pub. All 728 acres have been owned by the same family for generations, and will have an asking price of £10million (about $17 million).

The sleepy little village only has one pub and and a village shop – was bought up by a military commander in 1922, and most residents rent their properties because they’re all still owned by the estate.


If you become the new local landlord, you will become responsible for all the properties on offer – including the people still renting homes from you on long leases (which will have to be respected).

The village is a popular spot with surfers and tourists. But it’s pretty off the beaten path so you can be assured of privacy. Perfect for an oligarch or billionaire tyrant looking for a new hobby.

The Times recently visited the village and wrote this about the place:

The road into Bantham is a long one — 2½ miles, squeezed between high hedges — and at some point near Chucka Cheese Farm, the visitor is going to stop and wonder if they’ve gone wrong. But no, they are nearly there, about to emerge into a neatly orchestrated facsimile of mid-20th-century England.

Here’s the village shop, with its brightly painted windows. It may serve barista-style coffee and French pastries, but the chat is of window boxes. Is it too early to plant petunias? And here’s a row of thatched fishermen’s cottages. The inhabitants — including the harbour master, an artist who specialises in local boats and landmarks, and the landlord of Bantham’s pub, the Sloop Inn — are all strictly vetted according to the dictates of the village elders.

Bantham, which is owned by a family trust, is a modern-day fiefdom, a village fantasy in which all the inhabitants are complicit. The only recent changes have been trees blowing down and the repair of thatched roofs. For decades they have lived in a rural idyll, untroubled by the economic realities of life in the 21st century — but that may be about to change.

The rest of the article is here but its behind a paywall.

Sounds lovely – combine this with the English mountain also currently for sale – there is no shortage of interesting properties to acquire in England.

Now, excuse me while I go buy a lottery ticket.

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