Your Complete Guide to British Themed Tourist Attractions Located in the United States


The biggest problem that we Anglophiles have is that Britain is usually far away from us (unless you’re in Europe already). For many people, traveling to Britain is just a dream, something they hope to do one day. This is a real shame but we all have to be realistic, it’s just not possible for everyone to travel there, for whatever reasons.

That’s why we thought it would be fun to put together a list of places in the United States that have a British connection. They’re spread out all over the country and there’s plenty to see. Some places are really surprising. From the original London Bridge to an English Manor house that was dismantled and put back together – there are tons to see and do in America for the Anglophile with the urge to travel.

We also plan to put together a list of British themed pubs here in the States, but that will come later.

Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill in Las Vegas


This is one of the newest restaurants in Las Vegas and features an authentic English pub experience in Las Vegas, as only a native UK chef can provide. Located in Caesar’s Palace, they serve a full range of British dishes in a British themed restaurant. The center piece of the restaurant is a striking bar with an array of beer taps and a backdrop reminiscent of iconic British telephone booths. Sounds like a ton of fun!


Beatles LOVE – Cirque du Soleil


LOVE celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles. Drawn from the poetry of the lyrics, LOVE explores the content of the songs in a series of scenes inhabited by real and imaginary people. The international cast of 60 channels a raw, youthful energy underscored by aerial performance, extreme sports and urban, freestyle dance. The show is playing at the Mirage.


London Bridge in Lake Havasu Arizona


When we asked readers what to add to the list – this was at the top. Back in the 1960’s London needed to build a new bridge to replace the famous London Bridge. An American entrepreneur decided to buy the bridge, dismantle it and re-assemble it in Lake Havasu, Arizona, turning it into a tourist attraction. The myth about the story is that he though he was buy Tower Bridge, but this is not true. The Lake Havasu City Visitors Center conducts a 45-minute walking tour of the London Bridge. Arizona tourists can see the strafing scars from WWII that mar the bridge’s granite surface and stroll over sparkling Bridgewater Channel. We’ve heard this be a bit of a tourist trap but it’s still pretty cool to see a bit of London in Arizona! There’s an open air mall in the theme of an English Village but this has apparently become rather run down.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida


Located at Universal Studios in Florida, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the first major theme park dedicated to Harry Potter. There are many HP themed rides, a replica of the village Hogsmeade and HP themed restaurants. Sounds like a ton of fun!


Cameron’s Pub & Inn – Half Moon Bay, California


This pub has a British Theme, including the decor. They have a B&B featuring British themed rooms and you can enjoy your pint in actual London Double Decker busses. They even have a shop selling goods from Britain.


Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA


Transport yourself back in time aboard the legendary British ship the Queen Mary. Once the grandest ocean liner in the world, the Queen Mary is now a full-service Long Beach hotel, historical landmark, and entertainment venue. The Queen Mary gives visitors a unique glimpse into a bygone era of class, elegance and tradition.


Master and Commander Ship Calls San Diego home


One of my favorite movies from last decade is Mater & Commander. The ship, HMS Surprise, that they used for filming is display at the Maritime Museum in San Diego. Rumor has it that the sale of the ship to the museum stipulates that it must be made available for possible sequels. We can still hope!


National Churchill Museum in Fulton Missouri


Winston Churchill made his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ Speech at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri. In honor of this, they’ve developed the country’s only museum dedicated to everything Winston Churchill. They even managed to buy a Christopher Wren Church from London and had is re-assembled on site.


Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA


While this is a general aviation museum, there’s a ton of British built aircraft on display here including a Concorde – one of the last ones to fly.


Great Dickens Christmas Fair, California

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair is a one-of-a-kind holiday adventure into Victorian London – an elaborate party with hundreds of costumed players performing and interacting with patrons in over 120,000 square feet of theatrically lit music halls, pubs, dance floors, and Christmas shops. It’s a twilight evening in Charles Dickens’ London Town – a city of winding lanes filled with colorful characters from both literature and history. Enticing aromas of roasted chestnuts and hearty foods fill the air. Held the 4 Weekends after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.


Renaissance Fairs

One way to have a fun time exploring Anglophilia is to go to a Renaissance Faire. There’s are too many around the country to list here but most states have a large one. Our favorite is the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Illinois/Wisconsin.

Stonehenge Replica in Maryhill, Washington


The Stonehenge Memorial was built by entrepreneur Sam Hill as a tribute to the soldiers of Klickitat County, Washington, who lost their lives in World War I. Sam Hill’s Stonehenge is a full-scale replica of England’s famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire.


Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, Connecticut

What could be better than an entire museum dedicated to British Art? They feature a collection of British art from the Elizabethan period to the present day, including paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, rare books, and manuscripts.


Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Held every year, this is one of the largest celebrations of the works of William Shakespeare in the country. They even stage their plays in a replica of the Globe Theatre.


Magna Carta at the National Archives in Washington D.C.

The US government is in possession of one of the founding documents of British (and western) Democracy, the Magna Carta. It’s on public view in the Rotunda of the National Archives.


The Cheshire Inn – St. Louis, Missouri

A St. Louis tradition with roots dating back to the 1920s, The Cheshire embodies the charm and authenticity of a traditional British inn with all the modern conveniences of today. Generations of St. Louisans and thousands of visitors to our city came to love the old world feel and quirky charm of The Cheshire Inn and Lodge. What started as a modest hamburger joint, evolved through the decades into a landmark restaurant and hotel known as the Cheshire Inn and Lodge. Now, after undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, this local treasure has been reborn.


Old Globe Theatre – San Diego, CA

The Old Globe is a replica theatre of the original Globe in London and they put on productions of Shakespeare’s works as well as other playwrights.


Agecroft Hall – Virginia


This is at the top of my list of places I’d like to visit. Agecroft Halls was a Tudor Estate house in England that had fallen into disrepair. An American by the name of Richmonder Thomas C. Williams, Jr (quite a name!) purchased the house at auction, had it disassembled and then put back together in Richmond, Virginia in its original form. They also hold plays and it’s open to tours.


England Showcase – Epcot – Disney World

The United Kingdom pavilion is a bustling destination. Through the seamless blend of architecture that takes you from the streets of London to an English cottage, the essence of this nation is yours to enjoy. Cobble-stoned streets, a quaint pub, the scent of fish and chips in the air combine to make this an authentic “trip across the pond.”


Anne Hathaway’s Cottage B&B and Inn in Virginia

A lovely looking B&B in Virginia with a Anne Hathaway/Shakespeare theme. The place even has a thatched roof – it couldn’t look more English!


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Odessa Texas

We really love building replica’s of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, there’s another on Odessa, Texas. They’ve also built a full-sized replica of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage as well that’s available for banquet rental.


Scottish Tartans Museum – North Carolina

The Scottish Tartans Museum is a non-profit heritage center dedicated to the history and traditions of Scottish Highland Dress, especially tartan and the kilt.


Did we leave something off the list? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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  1. avatar says

    Jonathan – what a cracking post. It must have took you a while to research all of these fantastic British themed attractions? I’m a fan of Gordon Ramsay (I’ve got 6 of his cook books!) and I’m off to Las Vegas next year for a hen doo. I’ll definitely be popping into his Las Vegas Pub & Grill – I doubt Gordon will be doing the cooking though 😉

  2. avatarJCarpenter says

    Add if not mentioned already by others a small, quiet yet stunning spot on Northwestern University’scampus (north of Chicago)—Shakespeare’s Garden, established in the early 20thcent. and listed on the US National Register. Nestled next to Garrett Seminary, it is a “hidden” location surrounded by high bushes. In the English-style garden are many of the flowers, herbs, and plants mentioned in WS’s works; peak time is mid-June to late July. Best of all—it’s free!

  3. avatarMJ Cata says

    The museum of flight in Seattle is really cool. It’s also really close to the Science Fiction Museum – currently exhibiting “Icons of Science Fiction” Including a Dalek. and which is in the basement of the Experience Music Project – currently exhibiting “Hendrix hits London.”

  4. avatarTravelJunkie says

    There is a piece of British soil in the US! On Ocracoke Island, NC, there is a British cemetary where 2 (possibly 4) British soldiers from WWII are buried. They were patroling the waters in a submarine off our coast when they were sunk by a German sub. The native Ocracoke islanders also have a distinct accent that very different than the typical southern drawl. In the 50’s it was studied as it was thought to be the closest thing to the Queen’s English of Elizabethan times, since Ocracoke was colonized by English settlers but was so isolated for so long there were no outside linguistic influences. Ocracoke Island is a beautiful place and even more interesting with this little bit knowledge.

  5. avatarSandy Hintz says

    My favorite is the Blue Anchor Pub in Delray Beach, Florida. With interior and exterior originally a pub in London, dismantled and shipped to Delray Beach (along with resident ghost), re-erected, and now run by a wonderful British staff. Excellent food and ale, a staff that will become your lifelong friends, and a place I most want to be if I am not in England itself.

  6. avatarThe Happy Nerd says

    “An American by the name of Richmonder Thomas C. Williams, Jr ” Ummm… I think his name is just Thomas C. Williams, Jr. He IS a Richmonder… person from Richmond… :)

  7. avatarEmilie Simpson says

    Not very far from Agecroft is the Virginia House. While not an authentic reconstruction like Agecroft, it did utilize material salvaged from an English priory and is partially a reproduction of that priory and other British structures. Since you mentioned the Harry Potter attraction in Orlando, I have to tout another Virginia attraction–Busch Gardens Williamsburg also known as Olde Country. Portions of the park represent Olde England, Scotland and Ireland. Even though Colonial Williamsburg/Jamestown celebrates the birth of the United States, because Virginia was a crown colony, these attractions include quite a bit about our connection to England. So in a drive that is a little bit more than half the width of England (Staunton with the American Shakespeare Center theatre mentioned in a previous comment to Jamestown with the original colonists), you can satisfy your anglophilia in a long weekend (if you want to push it).

  8. avatarBetsey Owens says

    I hope you make a book of these including the web sites so when I am going to an area of the states, I can visit some of these.

    • avatar says

      Ann Hathaway’s B and B in Staunton is a Shakespearian themed inn. The Alexander House Booklovers B & B in Maryland has an authentic looking Jane Austen Room, filled with Austen books and collectibles, some from the Jane Austen Center in Bath England and Austen’s own Chawton Cottage. It also contains a wonderful statue of Shakespeare, quotes of his in the garden, and the English Nautical Robert Louis Stevenson Room.

      If you make it to DC, the Folger Shakespeare LIbrary and theatre are incredible, and the Shakespeare Festival in Oregon is also a must see for Shakespeare lovers.

      • avatarMinerva says

        ‘…..and the English Nautical Robert Louis Stevenson Room.’

        An odd combination….since Stevenson was Scots, not English!

  9. avatar says

    I’ve not visited YET, but the town of Rugby in Tennesseee is a “restored Victorian village founded in 1880 by British author and social reformer, Thomas Hughes.” Every May there is a Village Festival celebrating the British and Appalachian roots of the area. Here is the website:

  10. avatarsam says

    Agecroft Hall is a great place to visit. It has original art pieces and an amazing Tudor-style garden. The layout of the house, however, is not a faithful reproduction. When T.C. Williams, who was a prominent Richmond attorney, had the house shipped over in the 20s, they reassembled it in a layout of his choosing but it is not the actual layout of the house when it was in England. Still, with it, the Virginia House, and Wilton, this is a great stretch of history off of Cary Street Road in the Old Dominion.

  11. avatarPam says

    I have been to Agecroft and to the Virginia house , and they are both nice to visit.
    here is the website for the Virginia house :
    click under the pictures to go to more detailed information

    Virginia House
    4301 Sulgrave Road
    Richmond, VA
    Phone: 804.353.4251

    Hours: Virginia House and gardens are now open by appointment.

    • avatarMissy says

      We spent two anniversaries here trying out different rooms. We had some British friends staying and took them for lunch there. They said they weren’t impressed, however upon leaving the Inn they pulled out onto the left side of the road! In 15 years of riding with them in the US they had NEVER done that before. It’s a wonderful Inn.

  12. avatar says

    The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton VIrginia has a fully restored 1600s English farm house and a 1700s Northern Ireland farm that were diassembled at their original locations and reassembled in the US. Those farms, along with a German farmstead are used to show how those cultures blended into American farms of the 19th Century. A well done outdoor museum with excellent restorations and talented costumed interpretors.

  13. avatarshark Mayeux says

    In Baton Rouge, we have the Londoner eatery, complete with the double decker bus out front.

  14. avatarTanya says

    Des Moines Iowa has a Salisbury house, that wa built to look like one of the homes surrounding the Salisbury cathedral.

    • avatarLinda Lohse-Lange says

      Too much about this gem to describe in a mere comment. Regular tours & cultural events including Shakespeare on the Lawn. Part of the building is 16th century taken apart in Britain & re-assembled in Des Moines by a cosmetics magnate. One of the artifacts is a working Glass Harmonica. In West Des Moines, when I lived there until 2008, Limey’s Pub held New Year’s Eve London time (6 p.m. CST) including the large local pipe & drum corps.

  15. avatar says

    The New American Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta. From the website:

    “It is a place out of time; a place of live music, hand-crafted period costumes, outrageous sword fights with the entire experience centered on the passion and poetry of the spoken word. With an authentic British Pub Menu and a broad selection of Irish ales and premium brews, the Shakespeare Tavern® is a place to eat, drink, and nourish the soul.”

  16. avatar says

    Great post!! The Beatles’ LOVE is spectacular. The ticket is a bit costly but it’s well worth it as it is a visual and aural treat. The Old Globe in San Diego is a fantastic place to see a play. All three theaters have excellent sight lines and acoustics. And, many famous actors have performed on the stages at this venue. I’ve see Neil Patrick Harris perform Romeo and both a Robert Sean Leonard and Hal Holbrook in King Lear. I saw A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Damn Yankees here before they went to Broadway. If you live in Southern California, it’s worth the trip to San Diego to catch a play or two at the Old Globe!

  17. avatar says

    I would just want to add that the largest collection of Wedgwood pottery outside the UK is held at the Birmingham (Alabama) Museum of Art. The Beeson Collection is quite outstanding, and the current Lord Wedgwood has made many a pilgrimage here under the auspices of a local jewelry story (Bromberg’s); he even apparently had some heart surgery or such at our sizeable medical centre (University of Alabama-Birmingham)

  18. avatarKat L. says

    Louisville, KY is home to the oldest free Shakespeare festival in the U.S. Haven’t been to a play – in the open air, round stage in Central Park – since we moved from the area, but the plays we saw many a summer rivaled many of the ones we saw in England. You can out more about it here:

    And then there is Stonehenge, found on the S&T campus. To quote their site: “The Missouri S&T Stonehenge is a partial reconstruction of Stonehenge, the ancient megalith located on Salisbury Plain 75 miles Southwest of London. It stands for many things; a lasting monument to man’s drive for knowledge and engineering, the largest monument to ever be cut with a waterjet, and a link from the past into the modern.” Quote found here:

  19. avatarStephanie Z says

    Stephanie in Arizona: Lake Havasu City/London Bridge has become a Spring break party spot for college crowd, for those lack the big bucks to make it to Florida. Sadly, you are correct the English Village is now derelict. Took a day trip there somewhere in 1989-90 it was very cute with nice shops. Tour group buses would stop for a few hours, then head up to Vegas. Very strange to be strolling through an “English Village” with hundreds of Japanese !!

  20. avatar says

    Tiny one, but the Church Hill Inn in Door County, WI, has a real London cab and some British-themed events. And surrounding you are some ancient forests and of course the beautiful lake.

  21. avatarTina Ramsay says

    Albuquerque, New Mexico. Who would have thought that a very proper English high tea could be served in the Southwest. You must visit the St. James Tearoom ( It is like stepping into a very proper English home and being served brewed (no tea bags here), cucumber sandwiches, clotted cream, scones and much more. My daughter and I attend twice a year. Our attire is our Sunday best in dresses, high heels, hats or fascinators and of course, the white gloves.

  22. avatarMinerva says

    ‘Magna Carta at the National Archives in Washington D.C.

    The US government is in possession of one of the founding documents of British (and western) Democracy, the Magna Carta. It’s on public view in the Rotunda of the National Archives.’

    The Magna Carta owned by America is in fact one of the later (c.1297) exemplifications…………but, if any of you American cousins are visiting our shores next year you might be interested to know that all 4 of the surviving original (c.1215) copies will be reunited at the British Library in early 2015 to celebrate the 800th anniversary.
    Beyond that there will be a series of planned events around the country.