Brit Telly: An Exclusive Preview of The Intruders Coming to BBC America Starring John Simm


The Intruders is a new eight part series about a former LA cop turned writer named Jack Whelen, (John Simm), whose bucolic world is turned asunder when his wife Amy (Mira Sorvino) vanishes without a trace while on a business trip to Seattle. As he … [Read more...]

Sherlock Season Three DVD Details Announced

Sherlock Series 3

SHERLOCK SEASON THREE ON DVD Sleuths of all ages cannot get enough of Sherlock. The Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss show is more popular than ever and the American television debut of the latest season has been greatly anticipated. This week BBC … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Hide Ratings, Nightmare In Silver, Barrowman On 50th Anniversary, DVD News, BFI Update, Tennant On TV

05 The Two Doctors 0456

As filming continues on the anniversary special we see a week full of news about book,s DVDs and Season Seven. Plus some stars from Torchwood are speaking their minds. Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS will pull on nostalgia strings while adding … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Cold War Ratings, The Ice Warriors On DVD, Timegate 2013, Hide, Season Seven News, Proms 2013


A very busy week of news and information has gone down this week!!  The new season is in full gear and we've had a David Tennant sighting! We also have a title for the final episode of Season Seven. FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL FILMING A … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: 50th Anniversary News, Cold War, Ratings, The Moonbase To DVD, Barrowman On Scandal


The big news for this week continues to be the 50th Anniversary Special. Over a week of filming has happened now and there are some new and exciting bits and pieces going on for the event. Cold War airs this week and sees the long overdue return … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Stamps Break Records, Barrowman On Fiftieth Anniversary Special, JNT Book, The Visitation On DVD, Big Finish Update


Here we go! Finally after what what has seemed like eons to many Doctor Who returns to our screens this weekend! All signs indicate that The Bells of St. John will be a fun romp that properly sets the stage for the continuation of Season … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Matt Smith Leaving Rumor, Season Seven, The Mind of Evil, JLC On Ferguson, Doctor Who On EW, The Bells Of St. John


Those waiting to  see more Doctor Who are almost there! The season continues on March 30th at 8:00pm EST on BBC America. By all standards the second part of the season appears to be an all out assault on fans who are eager for the fiftieth … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Lost Scripts Found, Spear of Destiny, Neil Cross On Writing Doctor Who, Inferno, BFI Updates, Skinner Leaving


This week sees some information on the Inferno Special Edition DVD and some non news on the upcoming anniversary sepcial. But fear not true believers, there is big news related to the Hartnell era. LOST SCRIPTS FOUND For Doctor Who fans … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven News, Neverwhere, Davison In Wales, The Bells Of St. John


As we get deeper into March there is is a lot of anticipation for The Doctor's upcoming adventures. The remaining stories of Season Seven promise fans a full throttle ride culminating into a party of epic proportions for the fiftieth … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: The Bells Of St. John, DVD News, Big Finish Update, An Adventure In Space And Time Wraps Filming, Frazer Hines In Long Island, Jack’s Back?


With less than one month to go before Season Seven resumes you can feel the excitement ratcheting up as  Doctor Who fans eagerly await to see what happens next. In addition to having new episodes on the telly there are some forthcoming DVD and audio … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven News, The Tenth Planet On DVD, An Adventure In Space And Time Casting, Remembering Patrick Troughton


Business is picking up as we grow closer to resumption Season Seven next month. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to ready the remaining episodes. Filming for An Adventure In Space And Time is going on at full speed with more casting being … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: 50th Anniversary In 3D, Troughton On BBC America, Return of The Ice Warriors, Gallifrey 2013, More Casting For An Adventure In Space And Time

01 Patrick Troughton

This week has seen a plethora of news about what lay ahead for Doctor Who. Fans have received their first indication that the 50th Anniversary Special is indeed going to be a big deal. Plus there is more casting to report for An Adventure In Time And … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Red Nose Day, AudioGo News, Matt Smith Nabs Film Role, An Adventure In Space And Time Filming


The biggest news this week centers around filming of An Adventure In Space And Time. There also is some audio news and Red Nose Day is rapidly approaching. AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME UPDATE Filming has begun on Mark Gatiss' Doctor Who … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Casting For An Adventure In Space And Time, Tennant In The Escape Artist, Prisoners Of Time,


It has been a very busy week in Doctor Who. The biggest news surrounds the casting for Mark Gatiss's film, An Adventure In Space And Time. It is a project that has generated heavy interest since it was announced last year. The production team is … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: An Adventure In Space & Time Casting Announced – 50th Anniversary Drama Special


BBC Announces An Adventure In Space And Time  We finally have received further information about Mark Gatiss' forthcoming film, An Adventure In Space And Time. Co-produced by BBC Cymru Wales and BBC America, Gatiss' labor of love delves into the … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: The Doctor Returns, BBC America Showing Classic Who, Broadchurch, BFI To Screen The Mind Of Evil, The Ark In Space On DVD, Shada


Editor's Note: This was supposed to be published on Friday but for various reasons we weren't able to publish it until today so the information about BBC America is now outdated. Sorry about that! Doctor Who fans have hit the ground running so far … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Delia Derbyshire Day, Time Lord Fest, Matt Smith Directs, McGann In Ripper Street, Big Finish News


The first month of the year finds fans of Doctor Who looking behind them for classic series nuggets while simultaneously looking to the future with eager anticipation of the 50th anniversary. The upcoming 50th anniversary means that the next few … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: William Hartnell Remembered, NTA Awards, Moffat On The Eleven Doctors, The Light At The End


As we gear up for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who it is only fitting to look backward......... WILLIAM HARTNELL REMEMBERED William Hartnell celebrated his 105th birthday on January 8th. Despite his celebrity from Doctor Who many of the … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Looking Back At Who in 2012, Moffat On Who Film, The Davros Mission, JLC Interviewed


Doctor Who has come a long way from those late nights on PBS when fans were at the mercy of Lionheart to determine what episodes were available for viewing. Now thanks to our modern age, almost everything is instantaneously available. For longtime … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: The Snowmen, Royal Mail Makes Some Stamps, Freema At Gally, Big Finish Update, The Spies Of Warsaw, Season Seven News


The Snowmenwas just a small taster for what we can can expect later this year. As a story it mirrored a snowman in that as it melted away slowly and dissipated, leaving traces behind for us to think about. After watching it several times I have … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Christmas Special Update, DVD News, Peter Jackson In Doctor Who


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. That's because as we move rapidly closer to a new adventures in the TARDIS and the anticipation is building. No matter how good The Snowman is, fans are eager to see the big ending to see the big ending … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Cast Talks About The Snowmen, Season Seven News, 2013 DVD News, Audio News, McCoy In The Hobbit


We are less than two weeks away from new Doctor Who! If that doesn't take the chill out of your winter then there is nothing  can do for you! Once again the 2012 Christmas Special dominates the week's headlines. THE SNOWMEN PRESS  BBC America … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: TV Guide Cover, Season Seven: Part One On DVD, The Reign Of Terror, The Snowmen, Barrowman News


Things have slowed down a bit with production on the new series as the cast  makes press rounds before this year's special. Behind the scenes, the production team is editing, writing and working hard on Season Seven. Most of the season has been shot … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: The Snowmen, David Tennant News, Claws of Axos, Eccleston On 50th, Karen Gillan On Craig Ferguson


Following a week of birthday celebrations it has been a very busy week for fans of Doctor Who. There's lots of news about The Snowmen and the last bit of filming is continuing near Cardiff. Plus there is that birthday next year... rocket italian … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Forty-Nine Years, Episode 7 Gets Title, Tennant Return, Purves Panto


Happy Birthday Doctor Who! It has been an interesting forty-nine years for the show. It has triumphed, fallen, been tested, disappeared and risen from the dead to become a worldwide phenomenon. In fact the history of Doctor Who itself is generic … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven News, PCA Nomination,Eve Myles New Show, McGann In Dark Eyes, The Angel’s Kiss, Colin Baker Interviewed, Shada


As filming continues in Wales this week and the hype machine is gearing up for Children In Need and the Christmas Special. The excitement builds each day and with Thanksgiving around the corner we are a little more than a month away from seeing The … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Gaiman’s Return Official, Tennant Finds The Force, The Reign Of Terror, Colin Baker On Reality TV, Barrowman on Possible Return, 2012 Christmas Special

David Tennant - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It has been a busy week. Colin Baker has been busy, filming is underway for Neil Gaiman's script, even after a copy was left in a taxi. Plus David Tennant has a new gig. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2012 As we get closer to the holidays this would be a … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven Casting News, Airlock, Gareth David-Lloyd In Holby City, RTD On Torchwood, Vengeance On Varos


As the cast and crew enter the last few weeks of filming for Season Seven there is a serious gag order in effect. There's not much news coming out of the set and that's a great thing for those who want to be surprised by what secrets lay … [Read more...]