Brit DVD Reviews: Trial and Retribution, Set 6 from Acorn Media


More great police drama from Acorn Media! Trial and Retribution Set 6, a riveting series of crime stories followed from commission to conviction, was created by Lynda La Plate, who also wrote the much revered Prime Suspect series starring the awesome Helen Mirren.

In this program, Victoria Smurfit gives consistently Mirren-worthy performance in every episode as DCI Roisin Connor, an investigator on the London police force. She and her colleagues pursue truth with an unrelenting intensity.

Each case is told in two one-hour episodes. The longer format allows for the development of a complex look into every aspect of the story. The show gives an unflinching look at the gritty world of crime and the difficult life of a committed police detective.

The plots themselves are completely interesting – one storyline involves the search for the murderer of a girl who has fallen from high up on a ferris wheel. We get a look into the lives of the people who run the fair as well as the process of the investigation. In another pair of episodes, the viewer gets drawn into the intricate  intrigues involving international drug trafficking. Watch more episodes and get to know an established organized crime family and the complicated relationship between them and the police organization.

The show’s fast pace, great scripts, fascinating characters and split-screen filming work together to bring compelling police and courtroom drama. If you are a fan of the Law-and-Order genre, I highly recommend you spend some time with this group of realistically-portrayed London detectives.

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