Brit DVD’s: The House of Eliott from Acorn Media

I’m just going to skip the creative introduction and flights of fancy I’m normally prone to and just say,  I LOVE THE HOUSE OF ELIOTT! I mean, what a fantastic show. I loved it when it aired

house-of-eliott-complete-reissue_producton Masterpiece Theatre in the early 1990s and I love it now!

This lush saga follows Beatrice and Evangeline Eliott – two sisters who, upon the death of their father find that they are destitute and must sell their home to pay their debts and then make their own living. Accomplished seamstresses, they set up a London shop to make clothes for the society women who admire their own.

Over time they become celebrated fashion designers, taking their clients into the modern era – from fluffy Victorian attire to drapey, slouchy 1920’s numbers. It’s a time of great change for the world, and for the sisters and their friends activist Penelope Maddox and her brother swinging playboy photographer Jack.

Created by Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins, who had previously devised Upstairs, Downstairs, this series is superbly acted, gorgeously-costumed (of course), well written and full of wonderful characters – including the women (and men) employed by the House of Eliott and the discriminating society ladies who purchase the exquisite designs they make.

Having the complete set on Acorn DVD gives the viewer the opportunity to binge-watch, and once you get started, I’m guessing you won’t be able to stop watching the trials and tribulations of the House of Elliott – romance, staffing issues, family dysfunction, professional sabotage, social scandal, political scandal, creative differences, more romance… It’s all there!

If that makes it sound like a soap opera, well – it is! But it’s a fantastically British and completely classy.

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  1. avatarSharon Jackson says

    The House Of Elliott was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen from the UK…. Completely addictive and wonderfully acted. The story line is plausible and the clothes… Oh my, the clothes! I’ll take shows like these over the silly “Reality Shows” in the USA any time.

  2. avatarMatthew says

    Message to Anglotopia:
    Will RLJ Entertainment’s acquisition of Acorn Media have an effect on Anglotopia’s sponsorship?

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