Brit TV: Inside Claridge’s

In an era of fiscal cliffs and austerity cutbacks everyone in London from Her Majesty the Queen to the lowly commoner are cutting back and saving their £1 coins. However this is not happening in one of London’s most iconic hotels – luxury still abounds Inside Claridge’s.

In the BBC’s three-part series Inside Claridge’s director Jane Treays spent one year behind the scenes at the luxury hotel. From the maids, butlers and the employee who transports the rich and famous in the last man operated lift take a peek behind the doors and under the sheets of the famous hotel to see how the 1% really lives.

From suites that start at £5,000 per night Claridge’s annually books 83,000 guests, including celebrities, foreign Royals and unknown millionaires who have enough money to contribute to the Claridge’s annual income of £58 million.


“No” is a word that has never been said at Claridge’s. Whatever the guest wants is what the guest gets. In episode one watch as the staff configures an entire floor of the hotel in accordance to the wishes of a foreign Royal family, install a new hot tub for a Japanese pop star, pull furniture from storage and place it to the specifications of the American couple, the Melchor’s, that visit Claridge’s every year (for the past 40 years), and check in Sammy the Spaniel (who has stayed at the hotel 20 times) and get the pooch situated because his owner was otherwise engaged.

Inside Claridge’s is a fascinating, charming, and a very escapist television experience.

Episode two of the three-part series airs Monday, December 10th.


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