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Ripper Street

After two series the BBC One and BBC America Victorian crime drama starring Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg and MyAnna Buring was cancelled due to poor ratings against ITV hit reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here despite the period drama being named the best of British TV in a recent Radio Times poll. The BBC said, “We are very proud of Ripper Street which has enjoyed two highly ambitious series on BBC1. However, the second series didn’t bring the audience we hoped and in order to make room for creative renewal and new ideas it won’t be returning.”

With 92% of Radio Times readers not supporting the cancellation faithful viewers and fans are striking back. An online petition to save the show has been started on and you can help tell the BBC that Ripper Street needs to return! With over 39,000 signatures already collected the petition needs over 10,000 more to obtain its goal.

Whether you are a Ripper Street fan, a BBC drama enthusiast, or hate celeb fueled reality shows – now is your chance to tell the Director General of the BBC that you want high quality BBC dramas to stay on the schedule.

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  1. avatarLynn M says

    I’m an American, and I stayed on Twitter and Facebook during Ripper Street’s Season 2 run in the UK. Most other Americans ditched because they didn’t want spoilers. If you’re in the UK and pay a licence fee, you should read this.

    Look…timeline of the events stateside:

    – BBC America announces to the Critics Association in July 2013 that Ripper Street will air in the states 01-Dec-2013 at 10pm. It would have pitted it against the Mentalist and the Good Wife, both high rated award winning shows.

    – No promos whatsoever are aired on BBCA for Ripper Street from that point in July to Dec. The original air date of 01-Dec was not even posted on their web page except in an obscure location on their press page you had to pop into a search engine to find.

    – 23-Nov-2013 was the week before the original US air date. It was also the weekend of the big Dr Who global simulcast. US fans expected promos for Ripper Street. Nothing for Ripper Street, but a promo for Orphan Black which does not air until April 2014.

    – 24- Nov-2013, a sole tweet is made from BBCAmerica saying Ripper Street will now air Feb 2014, with no definitive air date. No other mention is made. So unless you had Twitter and found that one tweet, you had no idea what was going on. The tweet is here and the reaction:

    – Ripper Street, a joint BBC/BBCA production, is cancelled 04-Dec-2013 before ever airing in the states.
    -BBC America finally starts putting up minor promos for Ripper Street and a teaser trailer Christmas Day 2013. But the trailer says it airs 22-Feb-2014 at 9pm while the website said 10pm.

    – 21-Jan-2014, TV Guide (the states version of the Radio Times) tweets that BBCA just announced to them that Ripper Street will air 22-Feb-2014 at 10pm. Then they quickly correct themselves and say 9pm. Tweet is here

    How does the cancellation not look contrived in the beginning and negligent towards the end? The only thing Ripper Street was promoted to do was fail.

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