Brit TV News: Starz Version of The White Queen More Explicit than BBC

the White Queen

The White Queen based on the Philippa Gregory novels and a co-production between US cable channel Starz and the BBC gets a bit cheeky in the US.  Max Irons who plays Kind Edward IV told the British newspaper Metro, “There’s the BBC cut and the Starz cut. You get a lot more a— in the Starz version – the cameras kept rolling after the BBC stopped the scene.” Irons who also shows a bit more including his derriere in the US version added, “The other funny thing with Starz was that you had to do extra lines. For the BBC, I’d say to my brother: ‘Come here, George.’ But for Starz it would be: ‘Come here George, Duke of Clarence,’ so they’d know what I was on about.”

Faye Marsay, who plays Anne Neville, speaking about the extra nude scenes told the Telegraph, “I looked at them and went, ‘wow’, because it’s my first job and I’ve never done them before but it’s important to the story.”

Starz The White Queen

A spokesperson for the The White Queen told the Telegraph that no new scenes were filmed for the American version – only that the camera kept rolling for an additional thirty seconds two or three times. She added that there is not any censorship of the British public and that Starz is a paid-for channel. Meanwhile a spokesperson from the BBC told the Daily Mail, that Company Pictures who produced the film for the BBC and Starz because of differing requirements made two versions and she was not familiar with the American cut.

Speaking to the Telegraph Gina Cronk a producer for The White Queen said, “There won’t be lots of it, but there will be some. Part of the contemporary critique of her [Elizabeth] at the time is that she was a bit wanton. She was very sensuous at a time when the Church was in the ascendancy and the feeling was that you had sex to have children.”


The White Queen is currently airing on BBC One and premieres on Starz August 10th.




  1. avatarretnavybrat says

    Wasn’t there a similar issue with Torchwood: Miracle Day where the US (Starz) audience actually got to see more explicit sex scenes than the UK (BBC) audience because of the time of evening the show was being aired on the BBC?

  2. avatar says

    I honestly don’t think The White Queen is that good. It suffers from pacing issues and many of the stories feel compressed with lots of major events happening in a single episode.

    Also, when I learned the show was filmed entirely in Belgium, that ruined it for me. It’s absurd that they can’t film a medieval England set show IN ENGLAND. Ridiculous. None of the buildings, sets and locations are English. Ruins it really.

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