Brit TV Preview: The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans

James Corden and Mathew Baynton star in the new comedy thriller The Wrong Mans a co-production between BBC Two and Hulu.  Corden and Baynton play Sam and Phil just two ordinary office workers that become embroiled in a criminal conspiracy after Sam witnesses a car crash. Clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time and not exactly prime hero material it becomes clear to the duo that they are The Wrong Mans.

Speaking to the Radio Times about the show Baynton said,” We were talking about how the Coen brothers often mine a seam of film noir narratives with unlikely protagonists: Burn after Reading in particular had just come out, with that brilliant Brad Pitt character, a complete buffoon who thinks he’s got his hands on something important. There are two idiots at the centre of this dramatic, dangerous story. We were trying to put ourselves in their shoes. You think of action clichés you’re working towards, like jumping off a bridge onto a moving train. What would have to happen to make you, an ordinary person, make that extraordinary decision? Not acting heroically, but forced into it. We always talked about if Jason Bourne got a phone call because there was going to be an assassination attempt on the President and he was the only person who could stop it, but he’d left his phone in the toilet and the cleaner picks it up, what then? That’s essentially the premise. Something has to be done, it’s just the wrong guy doing it.”

The Wrong Mans also stars Dawn French, Rebecca Front, Emilia Fox, Nick Moran, and Rufus Jones and airs later this year on BBC Two and Hulu.


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