Brit TV: Upstairs Downstairs Cancelled – Will Not be Renewed by the BBC

Bad news for fans of the new Upstairs Downstairs – it has been cancelled by the BBC.

The show always struggled to come out from under the shadow of Downton Abbey and it clearly lost the ratings war as ratings declined near the end of the second series (which has not aired in the USA yet but finished in the UK last month).

We were big fans of the show but it was weak in a lot of places. Still we loved 165 Eaton Place, the characters and the pre-WWII setting.

It’s a shame it won’t be coming back so we can see how they get on through the war.

From the BBC today:

The BBC has confirmed a third series of the period drama Upstairs Downstairs will not be commissioned.

The show was revived in 2010, where the first episode drew 8.8 million viewers.

But the final episode of the last series, attracted 5.22 million.

A BBC spokesperson said: “From Call the Midwife to Bird Song and The Syndicate, 2012 has been a great year for Original British Drama on BBC1 but at this stage there are no plans for Upstairs Downstairs to return”.


I have a feeling this has more to do with the writer Heidi Thomas – the writer on Upstairs Downstairs, who’s also the lead writer on Call the Midwife, which was a massive hit for the BBC and has now clearly become the priority for them

Fans have started a petition in an attempt to save the show, sign it here.


  1. avatarDavid says

    There is so much good television on the BBC and most of it never makes it here to the U.S. BBC America continually reruns American crap. They must have a poor, but probably deserved impression of our viewing taste

  2. avatarDiana says

    I think that they just should have placed Upstairs Downstairs on hiatus instead of cancelling it. They should have only cancelled the controversial scenes that did not fit in with the classiness of the original series. They should let the actress have the time to recover before deciding to cancel the series.