Doctor Who and Sherlock cosplay abound at NY Comic Con 2012


A wee Amelia Pond and the Eleventh Doctor


New York Comic Con (NYCC) was held this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. The convention has been running since 2006 and has gradually progressed to epic proportions, coming closer every year to rivaling the San Diego Comic Con in size and celebrity appearances. Part of the appeal is the fact that there are comic book aficionados, sci-fi/fantasy/adventure television connoisseurs, and superhero movie fanatics all in one place – along with some of the creators, actors, and writers involved. Another great appeal is the opportunity to dress up and be photographed in clothing that pays homage to fans’ favorite characters from these different creative forms.

In 2011, NYCC attracted over 105,000 attendees from all over the country. While the numbers for the four-day event are still being calculated for this year, it’s safe to assume there were just as many if not more attendees. Notable guests over the course of the convention included Veronica Taylor of Pokemon fame, The Walking Dead mastermind Robert Kirkman, the quintessential comic maven Stan Lee, and the noteworthy Anne Rice.

Of particular interest to Anglotopia, though, was spotlight guest Peter Davison. Davison was the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who. He played the good Doctor from 1982 to 1984. At the time he played the role, he was 29 and deemed the youngest actor to play a lead role. During his two-year run on the show, he encountered all sorts of memorable opponents, including the Cybermen and the Daleks.

The line to receive Davison’s autograph at the Con was reportedly very long at any given time, and he was in attendance on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In addition to Davison’s presence, there was much excitement in the air for Anglophiles. There were dozens of attendees dressed in their best Dr. Who and Sherlock cosplay. There were meet-ups organized via Livejournal for both Dr. Who and Sherlock, that involved connecting with fellow fans and even posing alongside them in an impromptu photo shoot.

Overall, NYCC was a great success with immense amounts of fun had by all attendees.

Check out the photo gallery for some cosplay highlights throughout the weekend.

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  1. avatartomi morris says

    My son and I were among the 3-day attendees. On Friday he was the 11th Doctor and on Saturday we was the 10th. By Sunday, the body crush of people got the best of us and his 4th Doctor costume didn’t make it.

    The most amazing Doctor Who cosplay I saw was The Wooden Queen from The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe. And I didn’t take a pic! Scouring the interwebs for one!

    Peter Davison’s spotlight Q&A was wonderful! Just lovely, as was meeting him. My son is auditioning at his school for the same part that Peter played in the West End production of Legally Blond, and he gave my son a couple “heads-up” tips.

    • avatarjeane says

      a friend of mine got a pic of that Wooden Queen..i couldn’t remember the name of the creature but remembered the episode cuz she had no idea who or what it was. Wish i knew where she stored her pics so i could direct you to her. but her name is Erin Delaney (or DeLaney) if that will help ya in your search.
      if you happened to see a chick i fez (w/buttons..cuz fezs are cool but fezs w./ buttons are COOLER:) ) and a hand made Yarny TARDIS on her back is was me. The first day i went as a character from a series of short stories i’ve been writing…the most notable thing that day was my grey felt fedora (w/buttons of course! the don’t call me the Button Princess..or is that Princess Buttons?) fer nothin’!