Doctor Who: Download Your Own Dalek Construction Plans

This made the rounds on the net last week – original Dalek Construction plans from the BBC that were published in the 70’s. While very cool – the plans were in a GIF format and not really suited to printing and all the pages were separated.

So, I’ve put them all together into a PDF that anyway can download. The quality should be suitable for printing out. If anything it’s really cool to have your own Dalek Blueprints!

Feel free to share this and spread it around. I don’t claim ownership over the content of the file.

Click here to download the Dalek Construction Plans.

Credit is due to the original source here: Dalek Blueprints

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  1. avatarCaptaingra says

    I still have an original of this article and almost the full magazine intact. It was issued in the UK for Doctor Who’s 10 Anniversary in 1973.

  2. avatarDavid Melton says

    While I did once make a scale model of Stonehenge out of styrofoam, I’m afraid this project is a bit beyond my abilities.

  3. avatarmark foley says

    iam going to maake a dalek if it kills me ,just found the plans after 38 years of looking for them ………………………..

  4. avatarmark foley says

    i loss them 38 years ago , my parents think i was kidding when i said i had to make 1 i will start sept this year a keep a video recored ………………..i can do this and have always wanted to here gos xmas