Doctor Who: Series 7 Episode 11 – The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS – Review – LIGHT SPOILERS!


This week Doctor Who takes us on a journey to somewhere we truly haven’t ever been before in “The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.” The previous episodes of the series have taken us to the most amazing place but this is truly the one that we were all waiting for. Am I the only one that screamed out loud when we finally saw the swimming pool and the library? Finally we truly get to understand how the TARDIS IS bigger on the inside.

If last week’s episode, “Hide” was meant to be the love story, then this episode was surely the monster and ghost story (Monsters and ghosts of many different forms if you will). Full of thrills and screams, “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” truly brings the terror and suspense back to Doctor Who that we haven’t seen in quite some time. First of all I must say that this is my favourite episode of this series so far (I’m sitting here waiting for the appropriate time to pass in which I can replay it). I wasn’t sure that anything could compare to the wit of “Bells of Saint John,” or the adventure of “Hide,” but this episode was truly a masterpiece. With androids, waistcoats, big friendly buttons, and even some dysfunctional family drama, this episode has it all.

The writer of this week’s episode, Steve Thompson (who also wrote The Curse of the Black Spot) really brought his game with this narrative and action. In the first three minutes the suspense and restlessness begins to build and doesn’t stop until the screen finally fades and flashes, “Next Time.” In this episode The Doctor made it clear that often we perform better under pressure and I have to say that I felt quite paralyzed by each storyline and aching moment (thank you Steven Thompson for the heart palpitations).

“The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” is another adventure in which The Doctor didn’t really choose to be there. Clara and The Doctor were trying to patch things up with the TARDIS and were sucked into a cyber-space salvage yard. The men working in the salvage simply saw a blue box and it was sucked inside of their ship, little did they know what they had gotten themselves into. The suspense begins when The Doctor escapes the crash into the salvage yard, but Clara is left inside. Now The Doctor and the men aboard must save Clara while trying to not make  TARDIS “huffy.” Let’s just say that only one of these things is possible.

This episode holds a lot of secrets and a lot of references to the past and of course the ever-changing future. If you’ve been having a lot of built up questions and feelings about Clara (like myself) then this episode will bring you some much needed relief…or perhaps even more questions and frustration ( I belong to the latter camp). After all of the action and scares and confusion, this episode is visually stunning and the narrative is simply brilliant. Doctor Who still manages to take me on a new adventure every week and for that I will always love it and keep an open mind with each episode. After all the stress and anguish this episode brings, we as viewers can all agree that a hug from The Doctor is always nice. Like The Doctor says, “Anything can happen.” Geronimo!





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  1. avatar says

    I’ll chime in here now since I wasn’t able to see the episode until I returned from C2E2. This episode pissed me off. We were teased with learning some secrets of the TARDIS and we did a little bit but nothing in this episode made any sense. It was a huge letdown for me.

  2. avatarBrian says

    Even though I enjoyed it immensely ; I was a little let down. The library was under used especially considering how big it was. It would have been better for Clara to have been per-sued by the echo zombies through the immense library instead of the same couple of corridors over and over. She could have even vanquished one in the cold waters of the swimming pool. I was also hoping that the monsters in this story were escaped prisoners of the Doctor’s. Remember in The Family of Blood, the tenth Doctor imprisoned one of them in a mirror or even the witches from The Shakespeare Code that were trapped in the crystal ball. It could have been an old villain or a new to us one that he had imprisoned in the past. There were so many avenues not explored as well as i would have liked.