Top Gear: New New Series in 2012 – But We Get a Christmas Special

Big news on the Top Gear front today. News has come out that there will not be a new series of Top Gear in 2012.

The reason for this?

Well, two things, really. The Olympics and Simon Cowell.

The Olympics is a big white elephant on the BBC’s schedule, sucking up resources in the last half of the year.

And after that, The X Factor returns to the BBC and they don’t want to put Top Gear up against it.

Jeremy Clarkson took to Twitter to complain about this.

“There’s a rumour in internet land that there will be no more Top Gears this year. I’m afraid that apart from an Xmas special, it’s true. Would love to be back in the Autumn, but Sunday nights then will be full of fat people singing. The good news is that the longer we have to make the films, the better they will be. We will be back in January. Top Gear is a medium sized van. Cowell is a juggernaut. When he has finished his singing competition, our new series will start.”

So, it sounds like there will be a Christmas special followed by a full new series in January 2013.

That sucks but let’s hope the longer it takes, the more quality the series will be!

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  1. avatar says

    This is terrible! Who cares about the X-Factor! We want our three boys blowing stuff up and burning tires onto the road!

  2. avatarPaul M says

    I think Top Gear should get their band back together and go on the xfactor! I would love to see the expression on Simons face when those three turned up on stage! HAHA