Brit DVD Reviews: Doc Martin Series 5 DVD Set from Acorn Media

We came to Doc Martin Series 5 after having watched all the previous episodes Doc Martin consecutively over a few days.

We had never seen Doc Martin and now it’s one of our favorite British TV shows. So, when we got to the end of Series 4, we were very excited to know that we had season five waiting for us in our slush pile.

Doc Martin Season 5 picks up right where the previous series left off – Martin and Louisa have now had their baby and the show focuses on them coping with that as the good Doctor tries to swan away off to London to take up his new position.

Things don’t go according to plan, of course. The new GP who came to replace him is incompetent and it becomes very clear that Martin doesn’t really want to leave and he and Louisa try living together for a while.

Much hilarity ensues. This season also sees the death of a major character – which was rather shocking. The only explanation the show runners gave for writing the character out of the show was that they had no where else to go with them. Dame Eileen Atkins joins the cast and is an excellent addition.

Things get a little absurd in the final episode when a certain Pharmacist kidnaps the baby in a drug induced haze, but it leads to a situation where the conditions are finally right for the Doctor to stick around Port Wenn for the foreseeable future.

The DVD box set from Acorn Media is well mastered and good quality. There are 8 episodes in total spread out over 2 discs. There’s a ton of bonus features, including documentaries of various areas of the production of series 5. My only complaint is that some of the docs are repetitive as they reuse footage and commentary from the other documentaries. Still, they’re worth watching.

We’re now counting down the days until Doc Martin Series 6 – which will be shooting in spring 2013 to air in the fall of 2013. Quite a ways away!

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