Brit DVD Reviews: Doc Martin, Series 6 DVD Set by Acorn Media


It occurred to me that the easiest way to write this review would be to just type the words “Utterly Brilliant” over and over again until I filled the page, because that’s what this series is—Utterly Brilliant.   It was also utterly earth-shattering in the final episode that I find it utterly impossible to wait until late 2015 to find out what happens.  *shakes fist at lengthy delays between series!!*  I digress; so where to begin?  I must admit to hoarding this DVD set until it was the last thing I had left out of my latest Anglotopia package.  I knew it was going to be good and that I would hate to see it end—and I was right.  Minor spoilers ahead!  You have been warned!

Series 6 begins with the wedding of the Doc and Louisa…a wedding that will leave you gasping, breathless from the laughter…and ends with an event that will leave you gasping, breathless from the tears.  In between, you’ll laugh out loud at the antics of the bumbling PC Penhale; roll your eyes at the return of the obsessive Mrs. Tishell and smile fondly as Bert falls in love again.   It was such a good series that I ended up binge-watching the whole thing and stayed up far later on a work night than I should have.  A brief synopsis of the episodes follows:

“Sickness and Health” – In what has to be the shortest wedding ceremony on Earth, Doc Martin and Lousia tie the knot, have an interesting honeymoon and return to Portwenn to begin life as a married couple.

“Look Who’s Coming to Dinner” – Doc Martin’s Aunt Ruth has an unwelcome admirer who takes some advice she gave on Portwenn radio to the extreme.  Also, Doc runs off yet another of James’ minders.

“Tameness of a Wolf” —  James Henry gets a new minder and this time it’s Louisa who doesn’t trust him. The Doc has a mystery patient and Al moves in with an unlikely landlord.

“Nobody Likes Me” — Doc Martin attends a baby and me playgroup.  Enough said.

“Practice Around the Corner.” – Mrs. Tishell returns and it gets awkward really quick!  Penhale aims to become a member of an elite police squad and ends up shooting himself in the foot—literally!

“Hazardous Exposure” – Penhale causes panic in the streets when he becomes too ambitious about warning the town about possible hazard exposures; Bert falls in love & pops the question.

“Listen With Mother.” — Doc’s mom shows up unannounced to drop a bombshell, James’ “too good to be true” minder has a past that has caught up with him and Mrs. Tishell’s old habits keep coming back.

“The Departure”  — Doc’s demeanor finally puts a strain on his marriage that may prove its undoing; disaster strikes at Bert’s reception, leaving Doc to give advice to Mowenna and Al, while at the same time racing to save his marriage and Lousia’s life.  Bring the Kleenex!

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  1. avatar says

    I dislike the fact that Penhale has been turned into a complete buffoon. He used to have some gravitas. The charm of this program(me) is that the humo(u)r has always been drawn from realistic Cornwall types… but Penhale has beeen reduced to slapstick clown status, and it’s a shame because John Marquez has shown, in earlier seasons, much greater depth and subtlety.

  2. avatarSharon Jackson says

    I would love for the music teacher to come back. He seemed to be Martin’s only friend and I quite liked the banter between the two. I agree about Penhale… He is a wasted character and I like seeing him with more wits about him.

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