Brit DVD Reviews: Foyle’s War The Complete Homefront Files DVD Set Review


As Foyle’s War fans are well aware, there’s new episodes coming later this year that take place after the war. This has created an opportunity for Acorn Media, the DVD distributor and now producer of the show) to gather together all the previous episodes in a new giant DVD set.

For those that aren’t familiar with Foyle’s War, a brief introduction. Foyle’s War follows the adventures of DCS Christopher Foyle as he navigates the crime ridden world of World War II era Hastings, England. Hastings is a hotspot for war related activity due to it’s proximity to the front in mainland Europe and just because there is a war on, doesn’t mean that crime has stopped – in fact it’s created all kinds of new opportunities. Foyle is joined by his injured veteran subordinate (partner isn’t the right word) DS Milner and also by Sam Stewart, a driver assigned to him by the police.

Each episode is 95-100 minutes long – feature length – and each is rich in history and interesting stories from World War II. Foyle is a brilliant detective who is able to find all the connections related to a crime, sometimes taking the investigation down roads his superiors in London would rather he not (leading to his resignation halfway through the series). As the show progressed you become very invested in the characters and look forward to their further adventures.

The Foyle’s War: Complete Homefront Files includes all the previous produced feature length episodes of Foyle’s War – 22 of them in all. The set also includes several documentaries on the production and various other special features.

The DVD’s look great – World War II era Britain is my favorite time period in history so it’s a pleasure to sit down with a cup of tea and watch Christopher Foyle work his magic on the criminals of Hastings during the war.

Here are my favorite episodes from the set:

  • The German Woman
  • The White Feather
  • Fifty Ships
  • War Games
  • The Funk Hole
  • They Fought in the Fields
  • Plan of Attack
  • The Hide

But all the episodes are worth watching and I can’t fathom skipping any. Some are very hard to watch (particularly Killing Time in series seven).

My only complaint is that the war ends too quickly – due to production problems about the future of the show (it kept getting cancelled then revived), there are huge gaps in time in the show. Apparently, there are several un-produced scripts for these missing periods – let’s hope they out them out in book form!

This set is not available in Blu-ray – which is a shame but the DVD’s still look good on an HDTV (and a regular old TV for that matter). I don’t think the show was originally shot in HD so I doubt we’ll see a Blu-ray release for them. However, the new series in production will have a Blu-ray release when it comes out this fall.

This is a great value for all the entertainment your getting and you have plenty of time to sit back and watch them and prepare for the return of Christopher Foyle this summer. It retails for $149.99 but Amazon offers it for much less.

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